What brand bobber to balance my death star?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by golfman44, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Well, if depends how the female was captured.

    If she was lured in with a $100 bill under a bobber, then I'd say its unfair and you are a kidnapper.

    If you swung her up, its fair game to call her your girlfriend.
  2. To be fair Irafly each side of the argument has done their share to stir the pot. Though I agree with Rob on some points, and even on his opinion of "accomplishment", I don't believe it's my place to decide what "accomplishment" is for another.

    One of the best steelheaders, in terms of numbers and sportsmanship, I've seen and continue to see on the water year after year, chooses to use a center pin. I don't feel any less or more of a person than he is...at times a twinge of envy does creeps in.

  3. What if she is a hundred dollar bobber? How then do you lure her in or do you need to?

    Throw some blow in with more hooker talk and we will have a thread worth reading again.
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  4. She would be expensive by my standards
  5. This thread needs more Katt Williams​
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  6. I disagree completely with the concept that catching a steelhead fishing one method is more of an accomplishment than another. I will agree that it is an accomplishment, but more of an accomplishment..., not buying it.

    As for stirring the pot, that is not what I'm talking about, I'm talking about disparaging the way that someone else fishes and I simply don't see the indicator guys doing that, it seems to me that the swingers are far more likely to point out that a indicator landed steelhead is not worth the same as swung fish.
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  7. Well, shit. Don't judge me solely on a thread like THIS!
  8. In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head.
  9. That's because to us they are not worth the same. I don't take the same personal satisfaction from nymphing under an indicator, so to me a fish landed under an indicator is not worth the same.

    If they are to you, keep nymphing, and best of luck to you, but it's not the same accomplishment.
  10. There are "you problems" and "me problems" in the world. In all situations, I try and figure out what problems I own and what problems someone else owns. Worrying about what someone else thinks of you is always your problem, not theirs. Clearly, Rob Allen does not have a this problem because he continues to say what he wants without worrying about what others think of it, and many really don't like what he is saying.

    I think these discussions have some generational undertones that aren't fully understood either. The idea of being a hater is not all that understood by most over 40 (spot on clip Golfman44). They have their opinions and if they are percieved to be negative they don't seem to care. From about gen X and younger there seems to be a lot of emphasis on being positive all the time. Additionally, everyone must being included even if it isn't earned. It's these younger generations biggest strength and weakness. Being 39 (I can't believe I'm that f'ing old), I see this difference all the time at work. I feel stuck between 2 cultures. The generations older than I am like to emphasize that there way is the right way because of things like history,tradition and it being the "old school" way. Change seems almost impossible for most of my co-workers over the age of 52 or so. The younger generations really struggle with any sort of negative feedback.

    I have learned to love the direct communication style of the older generation, even as I detest their reason for doing things (there is nothing intellectually lazier than tradition). I have also tried to tap into the positive energy of the younger people around me, although I tire of their more passive communication style and emphasis on inclusion.

    Just a different way to approach this tired discussion.

    Go Sox,
  11. I stand by what I said earlier (I agree with Robs statements...if now how all of it was said), BUT...I still don't get why people insist swinging flies is particularly difficult. It has a learning curve to be sure. But once the basics are learned, it is not that hard. It just isn't.

    I firmly believe success comes from a suite of skills not related at all to the rod in their hands. Knowing the timing of runs. Ability to read water. Experience that teaches where fish will rest, what part of the river fish will use when they are on the move.

    This very forum is FILLED with examples of this. It is the "secret" of all those "fishy" people.

    Without those skills, you can fish with any technique you want and you can get all the "sense of accomplishment" from infrequent hookups you need :D

  12. Not the same to you. I do both and they are the same to me. That's why the disagreement involved in this kind of discussion is ultimately unresolvable. It is entirely personal.
  13. I'm not saying its not the same accomplishment to you.

    I'm saying it's not the same accomplishment to me.

    If I'm sitting at the bar and a guy tells me he he caught 3 steelhead nymphing today, I'll congratulate him, hell I'll buy him a beer, and I'll be happy for him.

    If another guy tells me he "SWUNG ONE UP" (which some guys on here seem to take offense to) I'll feel like he accomplished more, and I would be more excited for him. I'd congratulate him and buy him a beer, I'd be really really happy for him.

    But you're right, why the hell would anybody give a damn what I think; they would both get a free beer.
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  14. Truth be told!

    Cast. Mend, or maybe not. Do whatever it takes (and with all the sinking tips a lot of the work is done for you) to keep your fly down. Step down, repeat.

    I don't nymph for steelhead (or much at all really) but a casual visitor to the forum would think that steelhead start flopping onto the banks at the site of a nymphing rig.
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  15. well I am only slightly older than you 43. and I guess my statements are really not much related to fishing but I don't think the passive/inclusive nature of younger people in entirely an asset. Some things should be excluded and spoken against overtly not brushed under the table passively.

    For instance it has been popular in the past to sight fish for visible steelhead, the concept was to get something to their level and present it to the fish as many times as it takes to hook them. At the time many of us viewed this as harassment and often the result was a snagged fish. Things such as this should NOT be spoken of in an inclusive manner. Being nice and positive towards people until such a circumstance where the people, based on their actions, do not warrant acceptance.
  16. This logic is so depressing.
  17. Double post
  18. Edit,

    David already said it and I missed it.

  19. What if the nympher only landed one fish, would he still get a beer? What bar do you like to visit?
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  20. Seems fair to me. Not that fair matters...maybe "reasonable" is a better word :)

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