What brand bobber to balance my death star?

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  1. No shit. I picked up a batch of fish last month on a section of water that I could take someone to, point to the water tell them how to fish it and they would get blanked. I know because I do it. The last fish I landed was picked out of the pocket of a buddy swinging flies and another drifting bait.

    This goes back to the soft skills I mentioned earlier. I have put in the time, I have picked brains, I have taken an embarrassingly long chunk of skunkings on this section of water...all the while knowing there were fish in this location. And I solved the puzzle and now I pick up a fish almost every time. To me that is an accomplishment worth sharing. I would be excited if another member shared such a story, so I assume the reciprocal is also true when sharing mine.

    Same reason I shared my story about my first swung King last fall. It was not a large fish, but I was crazy stoked about putting the bits together.

    I know..me, me, me, me.

    "What I see, is reality to me."

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  2. Then use your own :)
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  3. I just realized something. I am a nymphing virgin with a fly rod unless you accept bobber errr, indicator fishing at Pass Lake nymphing. I have fished a cigar float and jig using a bait caster but my guess this doesn't count. Wow, who a thunk I could be a 61 year old virgin.
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  4. And this was my point in my post about "This Swingin Thing". I had realized that I thought I liked indicator fishing better but it had been so long since I had swung that I wasn't sure, so I tried it again. Time to nymph KerryS and find out for certain how AWESOME it really is. ;) I'll show you how, but I need to find a hat like yours first to wear during the trip.
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  5. i think that counts as nymph and indicator fishing
  6. My head hurts...I think I need some chocolate.
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  7. The hat is my photog hat I don't wear it fishing.

    Thanks for the offer but I have caught steelhead and salmon just about everyway possible. Purse seine, gill net, reef net, bouncing, eggs, pulling plugs, jigging, swinging spinners, slinging bait, etc. Of all the ways I have fished I find swinging flies to be the most enjoyable and I can see no reason to change. Would I try nymphing? Perhaps, but again, I see no reason to. I know how it is done. For me nymphing with a fly rod is like jigging with a cigar float and a bait caster. Just as swinging a fly is pretty much the same as drift fishing a spoon with lead weight and a bait casting rod instead of a 15 foot sink tip and a two handed fly rod. I have long, long ago gave up on the numbers game. If it were about numbers I would go back to commercial fishing. I don't need to catch more fish than my fishing partner nor do I feel any great need to catch the largest fish. I have caught plenty of big fish. I fish because I enjoy fishing. I know it is cliché, but now catching is the icing. The cake is being able to get on the river with friends and the vehicle for this enjoyment is my fly rod.

    Can we get back to hookers and blow?
  8. If I've had a couple of drinks, and you say you liked "A River Runs Through It" I'll likely buy you a drink.

    But I would definitely have a drink with you, some of my best friends are dirty ass nyphers. :)

    Now that there is a chance for peace between nyphers and swingers is there hope for peace in the middle east?
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  9. Nuthing wrong with a nymphomaniac... but I'm a swinger! ;)

  10. LOL...Middle East peace will be easier to keep :p
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  11. IRA the evangelical nympher. Always trying to spread the gospel of the dead drift.

    Go Sox,
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  12. that's because nymphers won't cast and step through a run and give other people a turn... :p
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  13. LOL!

  14. Yeah, but you can low hole us and we could care less.
  15. Iras gonna get a lifetime supply of free beer now.
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  16. i roped the piss out of them today with a black thingamabobber. i call it the redd wraith.
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  17. ^
    I almost would bet a dozen flies that is Evan
  18. Troll.
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  19. Have you read this thread?
  20. What do you think?

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