What Bug Book?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by Ed Call, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. You mean Shane Stalcups book right?
  2. Ernest Schwiebert (Nymphs), out of print but great.
  3. Larry, There were several mayfly books that came out at the same period of time. Shanes and Hughes and a couple of others I'm not sure which he's talking about. I have Shanes because I found it marked way down and couldn't pass it up. I haven't read this one yet and I didn't compare any of them. I haven't seen a bookby Skip yet but he may have been one of the many at that time or maybe his is newer yet. Bob
  4. Nope, Larry is right on the mark; I screwed up the author (and I can't fix it now or your post will seem weird). I can see it from my computer. Both of those guys are such good tiers.

  5. I'm' 'going to have to look at Ralph Cutter's recent book. He writes quite well and he's supposed to have done the research for this book by scubba diving to see the bugs and the fish. I have his book Sierra Fishing Guide from when I took my dream trip to the High Sierras, and I enjoyed that. Bob
  6. Well, I asked and you bug freaks are overloading me with options. I like it. Keep them coming. HUGE THANK YOU to WFF Member and all around nice guy Bill Dodd. He had two copies of one of his favorites and he sent one to me. He sent it on Thursday and I'm looking at it right now. Thanks Bill, awesome guy.

    I downloaded and printed out Taxon's recommendation too. I punched, covered and bound it and I'll be looking at it regularly. I love the simplicity of these drawings of bugs. I think that will aid me in tying them, the simple drawings. Thanks Taxon!

    Thanks to all with your suggestions. I hope that many others are reading and finding some of these titles to improve bug knowledge. Maybe some of my ongoing silly questions will help a few out there!

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