What cataraft?

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  1. That would be it. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your information.
  3. PO....I think Aire tubes are a great quality. They have a 10 year warranty that is fully transferable if you buy used. Their customer service is legendary. I would not be concerned with the bladder style. Most of the tubes on the market are PVC as opposed to Hypalon. In a PVC bladderless design, I would be more concerned with whether the tubes are welded (heat bonded) or glued. I have looked at the Maxxon tubes and they look good and I think they may be a good value, but I believe they are a glued construction made in China. I don't think the Maxxon brand has been around for 10 years yet, so if they are a glued construction, the longevity has yet to be proven. Anyone out there own a 10 year old Maxxon tube?

    Personally, if I was in your position, I would look for a good quality used white water boat. I do see them occasionally on Craigslist. Check out this NRS used gear bulletin board. It's got lots of used gear.

    Along with the other good quality tubes already mentioned, you might also give the Jacks Plastic Welding tubes consideration. They are made in New Mexico, fully welded with a 10 year warranty and you can order them with many different options including 2 air chambers per tube.

    Good luck!
  4. SpeyDude has a frame on the Classifieds that looks good for the $. He's in Portland....Check it out.
    If I were closer, I'd have bought 'em. The Oars have to be worth the price alone.
  5. Can't give you all the details on maxxon. But do believe they are based out of Washington (but of course made in Korea I believe). They have been around awhile, almost as long as Aire I believe (maybe 92ish?). They mostly built avon style boats, but believe they switched to cats and rafts about 10 years ago. I do know someone who has one of their cataraft tubes that are about 10 years old. And, if Skookum switched to their tubes when they changed their design, then my green Steelheader 10' tubes would be Maxxons and are about 8 years old with no problems at all (I bought my original Steelheader 9' from Bill when they were still making their tubes in Washington). If they're Maxxons, can attest at 8 years old they are holding strong. I use my boat ALOT harder then about anyone on here (except the few who whitewater like I do). Beat the living crap outta my 10' tubes (on custom frame). Plus, I do believe Maxxon has a 10 year warranty as well. I know Aire was similar as well. When I bought my Aire Ocelot from Aire directly (went to Idaho to pick it up) back in 89' I believe, Aire was a fairly new company. But I heard from some of the guys I whitewatered with they were a good company and were making a quality boat for the price. Just sold that old boat (well the tubes anyways) when I was off hurt. Was different then the boats nowadays. They had segmented tubes instead of the continuas curve hull. Plus, it was a 16' boat, when the ones nowadays are 14 and 15' (think it's the ocelot and ocelot classic or something like that). Anymore, I have the money to buy Sotars, Maravias, and Wings. So if I'm going to build a boat, I'll build it on a set of tubes that are top notch. Plus, I've been to each factory and seen the way they're built over the years. Maravia is pretty cool the way they build them. If you have a chance, I'd suggest anyone to go and see.
  6. Check out the classifieds; 2007 Sky H2 with ALL the extras & a 2HP Suzuki 4 stroke for $1050. You can sell the motor for $300 and you've a $2000 boat for $750. Maybe not an Aire or a Steelheader, but find a similar quality for that price!
    That's a deal, boys!
  7. Anyone know what kind of frame that is on the grey boat in the center?
  8. Check out Catchercraft> Extremely well made boats. Good luck with your search. It's half the fun.
  9. I don't own a set of 10 year old Maxxon pontoons but I know they are out there and yes, they have been around that long, and yes, they are made in China and are made of PVC and glued, not welded. But they have a pretty decent reputation for durability, longevity, and warranty, which is why we use them for our pontoon boats.

    But we just got our new Jack's Plastic pontoons and we are excited to use them and support an American company.
  10. If the guy that resurected this three year old thread would have just read the post just below the pictures he would have seen that kent said it was a outcast frame. It would have saved you a shitload of time responding to this thread.
  11. Wow old thread. I have a set of 10 year old Maxxons and still going strong. They are a first set of the "new style" steelheader tubes.
  12. Shawn,

    Yeah, I didn't see the date until Jerry mentioned the "really old thread" in his response.

    Jerry, We used to call the old style pontoons "the old Dutch shoe", since they had such a high sweeping arch on the front and back. They have long since replaced them with a flatter style.
  13. Surprisingly mine are virtually flat. Have almost no rise. I think mine were the first sets that Bill had designed for him (or were the ones he produced himself before transfering it over). I do know he did make tubes at one time. I never asked about later on, mostly because I still had my whitewater grade boats I was using for big boats and my original 9' Steelheader that the tubes were made here. I do know the tubes I have are actually the ones he made for the Oregon Dept of Fish and Game (10' tubes that are hunter green).
  14. Kent, do you have any pictures of how you've got your 'toon loaded? Or would you have any pics of the one sitting next to yours with the grey tubes?
  15. What i find funny is Aire and Sotar a copying the old Maxxon tubes with their Legend and Wave Destroyer boats.
  16. I have a 16' SOTAR (made in Oregon) with a woven mesh walking beck on the aluMinum frame. Its great to fish off of and amazing whitewater rig. I use mine from lake trips with 4 folks to multiple day trips on the Salmon river in ID. SOTAR has blow out deals from time to time, check their site. It's a great local family company and they will treat you right with anything that may come up. I decided local over china and Mexico made stuff like Aire, NRS, etc.
  17. All Aire boat with the exception of the tributary line are Made Near Boise Idaho. So i would consider Aire a local company as well.
  18. Good to know Shawn k, thanks

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