What do nymph-o-maniacs want for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mr trout, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Winter is here, the time I use nymphs almost exclusively, and have a few of my favorite patterns. No doubt you do too. Here's your chance to share!
    Here's the thought...
    8 tyers, myself included.
    Nymphs only.
    2 patterns per tyer - or twice as many of one pattern if you cant think of two... just 16 flies total.
    Aim for sometime between Christmas and New Years.

    Anybody in?!

    Official Swap List
    1) Mr. Trout - Trevor
    2) Mike Doughty
    3) Trout 990
    4) Sixfinger
    5) Jason Rolfe
    6) Silver
    7) Randy Diefert
    8) Pontooner
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  3. im in :beer2: , but this is my first fly swap, your gonna need to walk me through it.
  4. First for me too
  5. Will do. I have done a few swaps, this is my first as a "swapmeister," but we'll get through it together. Basically, lets just see who we get signed up and try to let each other know roughly what we plan on tying.
  6. I've been sitting here debating whether I should do it or not. I think I'll stop being such a wussy. I'm in, and this is my first swap also. I think I'll look to tie something that's a little wintery, a little trouty. In case it needs to be said, I'm fairly new to tying. Cheers. And happy thanksgiving.
  7. I plan on tying a nymph that is sort of hares ear/pheasant tail nymph i call it the (fish tail nymph) and im thinking about a prince too.
  8. Since we have alot of swap first timers:thumb: (myself included) this sounds like a perfect intro into the swap world. I'll tie an RPT nymph and possibly a still water nymph of of some sort... not quite sure.

    but now it's time to focus on turkey:beer2:
  9. I hate tying prince nymphs. i thought they would be just as easy as hares ear but those goose biots aren't very easy to work with. Im sure ill get the hand of it tho. We need two more people, theres gotta be some other people who wanna do this swap.
  10. make an anouncement on the freshwater board. maybe you'll get some takers
  11. I can use another Christmas present . I'm in if there's still room.
  12. I will also join if there is room. Let me know.
  13. woops! looks like I'm a little too late!
  14. alright we have 8 ppl, and i apligize in advance to anyone who gets one of my prince nymphs. There usable but a little ugly. My hares ears are good tho. Ohh and i am using head cement for your flies if anyone read my thread on tying off flies.
  15. So, does anyone know what there planning on tying?
  16. I'm tying a set of RPT nymphs sz 16 and a set of glass head universal nymphs sz 14
  17. As much as i hate to say it, but i am having a helluva time deciding nymphs to tie. i know someone else is tying a prince nymph but i was drawing a blank for originality so i am tying a hot wire prince nymph and a biot nymph. this ones a tough one.

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