What do nymph-o-maniacs want for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mr trout, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Im tying the prince nymph but im glad u r 2. Mine aren't the highest quality. I still don't get how you prevent the biot from flaring.
  2. Welp, 10 down 6 more to go! Geez, I've been tying like a mad man lately between christmas presents, the swap and building a "complete" <- (yea right) trout box. not that I'm complaining
  3. shouldn't we only need to tie 14 flies, 7 each because there are 7 OTHER people in the swap.
  4. Ok. Sorry guys I have been out of the loop for a few days hunting. I didnt get anything.
    Anyway. Now that we have all the spots filled, I will hopefully spell out the details. Let's have flies done and sent by Wednesday, December 21. We will tie 16 flies each so everybody gets two of their own back so I don't screw up and send the wrong flies to people. This way I can send everybody the same thing, and it is only 2 more flies. If they are your favorites, You'll use them anyway. Send your flies in some sort of container such as a little flybox, altoids tin, skoal can, whatever. Along with that, send a self addressed, stamped envelope so I can return them to you.

    I will e-mail or PM you all with my address so it isn't floating around on the web for the world. If you have any other questions, just ask.

    Sorry Wayne! maybe next time.

    PS I am tying a copper-john and something experimental...we'll see.
  5. Cool, I will be tying a beadhead rust squirrel nymph and something else yet to be decided.
  6. What, I don't get some? Mine looks so good I wanna keep a couple for myself!
  7. I'm almost done with the tying part, but I have a couple questions.

    1) I'm assuming we send the flies with a self addressed stamped envelope
    2) Do we need recipes or tying instructions?
  8. As far as question #1, usually everybody sends a self addressed envelope or a couple of bucks for shipping them back. #2 some swap meisters want recipes and tags while other leave the you to put supply the recipe when the pictures are posted in the gallery.
  9. Thanks Mike.
    Yep a SASE would be the best way to git r done.
    If you want to incluse the recipie, go right ahead. I am not the photographic whiz on this site, so I wont try to do them justice, but if someone else is feeling creative, they are more than welcome to put the flies in the gallery and we can all post our recipies.
    Adios - T
  10. I'm thinking of trying to do a peeping caddis and something else, but that isn't set in stone. I'm going to tie stuff that will be challenging for me, for the sake of practice, so I imagine once I get to about 10 or 12 they might start looking pretty good. Cheers everyone, looking forward to the flies.
  11. Mine are in the mail. i don't have a computer so i didn't put toe tags on there but will post recipes when the pics are posted.
  12. Mine are hitting the mail this morning. Can't wait for christmas this year

  13. I got word that yours showed up today Mike. Awesome on the quick service. I still have to sit down and crank mine out....benefit of being the swap meister though, is not having to mail them in by a certain time...:beer2:
  14. I usually tie everyday so mine are usually done in the first couple of days.

  15. Usually it is customary to include a few extra's for the Swap Meister for all of the work that they do for you the swapper. IOt it allot of work meistering a swap...
  16. This is the quote I meant to include in my last post Not the one that's there.
  17. whatchya tying randy? your flies are always sweet.
  18. Thanks for the kind words Mike,
    I've got one pattern finished but, not the other. Will let you know soon...
  19. I've got one pattern done too, and just about done with the other. Hopefully will have them in the mail at the end of the wee
  20. Trevor will you please email me your address agian if you already have I've either erased or misplaced it.
    Thanks, Randy Diefert

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