What do you do in this situation?

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  1. Was up at the Stilly above deer creek Saturday. Noticed a couple other anglers fishing above me, and saw one hook up to something. Out of courtesy I reeled my stuff in and traveled up river to see if he needed help or a possible picture. He ended up hooking a bull trout/dolly in which right in front of me he simply dragged it onto the rocks. While it was laying on the ground he insisted on pulling out his tape measure, and began measuring it. Once finished measuring he put his tape away bent down, grabbed the fish by the tail, and slung it five feet airborne and into the water.

    I was in a bit of shock and did not want to do so I just turned around and went on my marry way. I look back and wonder if I should have said something but you never know if you dealing with a crazy dude who is packing heat. So what would you guys have done?
  2. Minded my own business...
  3. It isn't up to you to confront idiot anglers... not unless you're prepared to end up in a dicey situation. In this day and age, people do not take kindly to recommendations that make them look like idiots.

    I would have done exactly what you did... and keyed his vehicle :)
  4. Depends on the mood I am in at a paricular time. Usually I am grumpy enough to want to mess with someone and likely would have made some smart assed comment about thier fish handling skills or lack of. Usually one of two things happen neither really good. The offending party tells me to f off which I then repeat back to them and leave or they say something like it is just a worhless bull. Then I say something about the worthless fishermen on the river and after which I get told to f off. Either way the fish still loses. Not much you can do when dealing with morons. I am not to worried about the billy bad asses in the world. I didn't get this ugly by keeping my mouth shut.
  5. Kerry for president.
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  6. My vote too.
  7. Pretty good campaign slogan...I'd put in on my front lawn.
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  8. Whew! For a second there I thought you meant John Kerry . . .

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  9. I wanna unlike this just so that I can like it again.
  10. I witnessed a similar thing with a bull trout on the Methow a few years ago, an endangered bull trout no less. Sometimes, I have a problem keeping my mouth shut but it was 3 strange guys vs one gal so mouthing off could have ended badly. The guys didn't have waders on so I pretty much knew what was going to happen to the next fish. So, when a short while later they hooked a steelhead, I put my rod down, walked down the bank with my net, waded out and said "Here, let me land that fish for you." I didn't ask or give them an option. They were surprised but thanked me. They caught a lot of fish that day so I spent more time landing their fish than fishing myself as many times, I hadn't even made it back to my 'rock' before one of them hooked another steelhead. Within a short while, we were all on a first named basis and laughing and cheering for who ever had a fish on. I tried to gently point out the dangers of dragging fish up on the bank, one of which is a ticket, and suggested they might want to wear rubber boots or waders in the future. All in all, what could have been an ugly confrontation turned into one of the most fun and memorable days of steelheading I've ever had.
  11. This sounds like a minor challenge to one's people skills. I'd have approached him and said, "Hi. Nice fish. I'm not looking to get in anybody's face, but from what I saw, there's a serious question about how you handled that fish. OK if we take a minute to discuss it?" That invites him to be a participant. And if you smell psychopathy, back off and leave immediately.
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  12. Nicely done Freestone.
    Did you hear that Kerry????
    Just kidding. You'd have my vote too. Run chicken, run.
    Can John Kerry keep his mouth shut?
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  13. The only thing that I ended up doing was walked away down river but instead of walking on the shore I walked in the muddy part along the river and made his whole stretch really silty. Figured I was protecting the other fish. He said he was fishing for searuns.
  14. I'd be proud to run as veep . . .
  15. Well, I am not always so civil. On another day, I saw 2 guys lifting wild steelhead for pics and video. They kept that wild steelhead on forever in 3' of water while the guy with the camera took a million miles of footage. Then, when they decided to finally land the fish, does the guy in the water go put the camera down and help? No, he stands there as the angler starts backing up the bank to drag the fish up. Let's just say that I didn't keep my mouth shut so at least he stopped short totally beaching it. However, I also called it in when they kept lifting wild fish for photos and videos.
  16. Is this for real? If so I will add this to my phone. That really sucks I didnt have that when I saw that because 30 minutes before that I was shooting the breeze with a wildlife enforcement officer about career opportunities.
  17. I'm not so sure you could classify the gnat brain angler as a poacher. It is very possible he did manage to kill the fish with the rough handling but you're not sure that he did. I doubt if an officer would show up just because you watched the guy abuse the bull trout.

    This is why I didn't suggest calling the Turn in a Poacher phone number available in most western states.
  18. Freestone and Nooksack have the right idea and I know Freestone is better looking than I and I bet Nooksack is also. Might have something to do with people skills.:D
  19. I read it as poaching or violation. I'm not positive if that's the right usage of the hotline, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

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