What do you have to show that your kids/grandchildren/nieces/nephews have tied??

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Richard Torres, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure i've seen a post for this before..
    Is it the first??

    Inspired by Charles Sullivan's six year old tyer, posted is a pic of some flies my daughter put together over ten years ago.
    View attachment 36379
    And, unfortunately they are the only ones.

    Hopefully when the grandchildren start showing up I can get them interested..

    Anyone else out there have any to share?
  2. Not to be disrespectful Richard, but they gave me a good chuckle!
    Precious stuff those. I'd frame 'em.
  3. Richard, you should keep them for memories. If you decide you don't want them, send them to me. I will fish them and then Mark Walker will have to apologize for being such a critic. Him and his fancy pants tying desk and nor vise. Besides, a couple of those look like they've been fished and hammered. I'm itching to get my fishy chicks into tying. I'll proudly post theirs when they start...even though Mark will have something to say about it!
  4. Always with the negative vibes, Moriarity. Always with the negative vibes.
  5. No disrespect at all Mark.

    In fact my daughter gets a laugh (and rolls the eyes) every time I bring them out to show her.

    Ed I will never take these out to fish because they are memories of a brief time spent together when my daughter gave it a shot and realized it wasn't her cup of tea..

    Then when her kids come along I can bring them out and show them what mom did and get another laugh....

    Nowadays we have good times listening to the same music or watching movies together which is cool...

    Definitely cherish those tying moments because you'll never know if they will get "hooked" or not, and from what i've heard from you already it sounds like you're on the right track.
  6. Bell had a lot of help with hers. She has shown interest for a while. I'll see if I can get her to sit down with me again this weekend.

    I started with her a few years ago by letting her pick the colors. Luckily, I like pink and purple flies, cuz as a 4 and 5 year old that's all she wanted. This year we're working on skills a bit. I cut the material to the correct length and tell here when to start and stop. The wooly bugger seems like a great place to start. I'm actually hoping to fish a fly she ties with me this year.

    Hopefully by age 10 I will no longer have to tie flies at all. I can simply withhold nourishment until she fires out a dozen every night.

    Go Sox,
  7. two of my four boys getting after it!!
  8. Those will fish.

    Go Sox,
  9. Thanks CDS,
    He actually did tear up the Sea Run Cutts with those.
  10. I'll trade you a girl for a boy. Straight up.

    Go Sox,
  11. tried for a girl for a while. Never got it done.
    might be interested in a trade if you got one thats fishy....
  12. All the girls I have ever fished with have been VERY FISHY. I don't get it!

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