What do you suggest when looking for a vise??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by pwoens, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. pwoens

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    What do I need to look for when purchasing my tying vise?? What im really looking for is "THE ONE"! I want to buy a vise that I will not outgrow as my experience and needs increase?? One that can handle anything that is put to it. What would the perfect vise be?

    Thanks for any input.

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. mtlhead

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    the comments below were morphed from an earlier post, so read with patiance.

    I just upgraded from a $10 vise that I learned to tie on quite some time ago, I wonder now why I waited so long. I figured that I was not going to buy another for a long time, so I bought the best I could afford. After searching and researching for months, I found a used Dyna-King Professional. The vise is all Prescision Machined Stainless and Anodized Aluninum, came with a McKenzie Light and Magnifier, all for $200. I'll tell you, that vice will more than likely last me the rest of my life. I'm a Machinist by Trade, and this vise impresses the hell out of me. I'm glad I got it, the only thing I've found that is close for the money since I bought it is the Renzetti Presentation, Cabellas has it on sale now for $234. Personally, the Dyna King is all I could ask for, especially at the price!

    It will hold anywhere from as small as a #18 all the way up to a 6/0, wich is larger than I have ever had a need for in the Puget Sound, Fresh or Salt Water, and anything smaller than a #18 is too small for me to tie so I buy them anyway. Mine has the C-Clamp, I'm a heavy handed tier and the pedistal does not give me the ridigity I like. The Dyna king website has a mfg suggested price of $319(Mine was $200 used), but if you have to have a new vise, Their Kingfisher is only $99. This particular Vise (Professional) is considered a Standard vise, but is rotary capible with a tension adjustment. Fly Rod and Reel Mag. had a two part test on vises last year, either Feb. and March, or March and April. They went over all the vises that are regularly available, chech it out, there is alot of good info there.

    You can buy it with a pedistal or c-clamp, but the same vise for both. The guy I bought mine from had it with the pedistal and wanted to keep it, so when he ordered his Baracuda, he got it with the c-clamp and just gave it to me with the Professional.
  3. Tim Cottage

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    Renzetti and Dyna-King. Look beyond their entry level vices. It sounds like the Dyna-King Professional is real nice although I have no experience with it. This past summer I also upgraded from a 20 year old no-name vice similar to a Thompson AA. It was literally held together with a large rubber band to keep the cam handle from backing off and a piece of a 16 penny nail to replace the broken handle shaft. I also wanted "the one". What I ended up with was a Renzetti Presentation 4000. It is a great vise. Head and shoulders above the traveler in over all quality. Materials, machining, fit and finish are very nice. The only difference between a 10 year old Presentation and a new one is that the new ones have a cam lever for jaw adjustment instead of a knurled knob. This is not important unless you are a production tier as the jaws have a rock solid grip with either method.

    Ebay is the place to look. Be patient and keep looking every day or two. Any really well made vice is as good 10 years from now as a new one.
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    Dont take my post as being a claim that Dyna-King is the best, I am just verry happy with the vise. Do yourself a favor and pick up those issues of FR&R, the imformaiton is inclusive of all levels of vise's, from the $10 import to the $600+ (?) hand made Law vise. You have have an infinate amount of infromation available to you on-line as well.

    IMHO, take your time and figure out what you want, and how much you can afford. When you have your baseline, there, are many right choices out there, just look for the one thats right for you.:smokin
  5. Luv2flyfish

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    IMO - Regal Inex. Cost: $150. Great vise, can handle anything you out it through, and will last a lifetime. It is extremely hard for me to justify spending 300 dollars plus an Fly Tying Vise. All its gotta do is hold a fish hook so I can wrap a bunch of thread and feathers around it. I learned on a 20 dollar vise like most people have. Regal is the ticket in my book. Good Luck
  6. Rob Blomquist

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    I spent the last 2 years tying on the pedistal vise, the Thompson 2A. I really liked the simplicity of the vise, and the pedistal, but I could never get it quite tight.

    I got a Renzetti Traveller pedistal for Christmas, and it is a real dream come true. I have had to learn to use it, but now I have gotten over a hump with it, I just love using it.

    For me, the vise has to be a pedistal, and I like the ability to rotate the fly to see all the sides.

    I would suggest that you look at vises that are at least partially rotary like the Regal and go from there. If you want to save money, look at the Dan-Vise its mostly plastic, but many people love it.

  7. pwoens

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    Does anyone know anything about this vise? Im not sure what brand and was hoping to find out if it was a decent one or not before I offered to buy it?? Thanks gang.

    ~Patrick ><>
  8. mtlhead

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    It's the standard Griffin Odyssey, it is offered in a cam-lock style also. I thing they have a range of size 18 to 4/0 hooks, they have rotary capabilitie, and carry a lifetime warranty from the Mfg, who was been around a LONG time. It retails for $95 with just the c-clamp base, or $115 will buy you both the pedistal and c-clamp bases. IMHO, if you could pick it up for $50-$60, you'll be getting a good deal.:smokin
  9. Local

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    The First thing you should look for is to make sure it says regal on top of it. after that, i would reccomend the regal rotary. It doesnt have the true rotary like a Renzetti, but you dont have to fidget with adjusting the jaws for each hook, you can go from a size 2 to a size 22 without one adjustment.
  10. steeli

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    I've had my 360 degree rotation Regal,pedestal for 20 years (?) now. Can't say anything more than it's great! Get one.
  11. Crump

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    I will second the Renzetti and Dyna-King idea. I bought a Dyna-King squire last spring and love it. It holds hooks like nobodys business and is super simple. The only downfall is that is isn't one of the true rotary vises. If I could do it again, I would have saved up for one of their rotarys. I have also been tying a lot of flies on a Renzetti Traveler and love the rotary, but the hook holding ability and the easy adjustability takes a little getting used to. So get best of both worlds, and get a dyna king rotary.
  12. IveofIone

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    I look for stuff that is low tech, high value and will last a lifetime without maintenance. Regal certainly fills the bill-simple as an anvil and just about as durable. It has a look of elegant simplicity about it that is also pleasing. My buddy rags on my old Regal calling it "so last century" and I good naturedly refer to his Dyna King as " a cross between TinkerToys and an Erecter Set". Both are wonderful tools and you wouldn't be disappointed with either. Ive
  13. speyneznbhm

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    regal rotary absoulutely for me had mine for about 16 years does everything I've asked of it so far, nice little side beni is the spring holds tinsels floss etc. much better than other attachments Ive used on other vises. love the fact that it adjusts on its own.
  14. Steak Daddy

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    I have a Peak rotary. Simple and very useful. Give me a private e-mail and we'll get together. (Others who are interested can e-mail me as well at jeffw2@mindspring.com)

    It can be seen at www.peakfishing.com

  16. jeffw

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    I have a Peak rotary vise. I'm not selling a Peak rotary vise. Sorry if it sounded like I'm trying to sell something. I would be happy to share my very positive opinion with anyone, though.