What do you think of the 6080 sage fly reel?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by JesseC, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Does it catch more of the steelhead than the yard sale Allen 14.99 "you no like, you no buy" or the echo "get er done" reels? Is it silky like browned butter in an omlet pan? Does it give konetic powers of awe?
  2. I've had a love/hate relationship with my sage reels. I have two of the 3850's with 6 spools and two 4580's with spare spools. I really like the fact I can drive over to bainbridge should I need any service. The problem is, they don't service, they'll just give you a new one. I smoked a 3850 on a pink a few years back and was handed a new one no questions asked. My 4580's which are less than a year old are now out of production. I like to have reel 'systems' with spools for a couple different line sizes. I had a problem with a new spool I bought and they weren't even sure they could replace it for me(they did end up finding me one). Should one die and they give me a new model then I'm out of my system and my spools are now obsolete. I'll be going with a different manufacturer next time around.
  3. Bauer/Galvan/Lamson over sage reels for many reasons!
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  4. I have the 6080 and love it. It's got a great drag and is silky smooth. I haven't caught a ton of fish on it yet, but am planning on giving it a good run this summer. I like the sealed drag and saltwater components. I'm also a big fan of Galvan Torque's. I got my 6080 on a screaming deal and would not have bought it at full price (but then again I don't like buying much at full price).
  5. I recon it's high time for you to put your big boy pants on and get the fuck over it.
  6. Been over it for a long time...
  7. What rod do you fish it on? You're running a 7126 right?

    How does it balance out on your lighter switch rods?
  8. I'm fishing it on a 6119 tcx and it balances perfectly. Would probably be a little light and tight for a 7126
  9. I fish the CF series on my 6116 z and thought these would be a bit heavier. Hmmm, going to have to check them out in person now.
  10. Let the rod company make rods. Get a reel from someone who makes reels.

    I got major Bauer wood. Top notch and only down in Ashland. Warranty turnaround generally a week or less
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  11. Agree with the above. Not too impressed with sage reels.... For swinging a two hander I don't think you can beat a simple click pawl. The internets are crawling with used hardy salmon 2 reels whether a genuine UK or a Korean remake those reels are a great value.
  12. Don't know much of the 6080 but have a 6010 on my TCX 8119 and like it a lot. Their 3000D series reels several years ago and this 6000 set are excellent IMO. I think Sage may have over populated their reel options though. They should probably have stuck to a certain niche rather than offer such a wide variety. Not a fan of the carbon fiber stuff but that's just me I guess.
  13. Josh's post makes me cringe at the thought of Sage's four digit reels. I am fond of their three digit spring and pawl 500 series made by Hardy. Got a couple little ones now to go along with the big ones. I've become partial to reels designed and built to last a lifetime or more.

  14. Buy my 2580 and never look back ;)

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