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  1. Good point, but you can also spey for trout and other species as well. So, spey casting isn't exclusive to Steelhead fishing. To your second question, yes - I don't guide steelhead for personal, ethical reasons, but I give time, money, and other resources in helping to protect them.
  2. That's cool, thank you. Do you steelhead fish?
  3. I've been privileged to fish some great local water with people who've shared their knowledge and spots, but I don't actively pursue them.
  4. So, are you not a steelheader? I don't mean to keep going on with this, but you seem kind of evasive. If you're a trout dude, cool. If you choose not to steelhead for conservation reasons, even cooler. You chimed in from a guides position so I'm trying to orient myself based on that perspective.
  5. I bet you would Kerry!
  6. It's inevitable as a guide that some of those you take will become do it your selfers and be in your hair. You see them on the river in a spot you showed them and what can you do.Knowing when and when not to show the secret squirrel spots is the trick. As a guide I try to put everybody in fishy water as much as is possible.Some people, depending on their attitude and success up to that point in the day may get to see some extra special spots. A guy from New York may get to see some prime spots because I like him and want him to catch a fish and he won't be back next week or next month.Others that I may suspect are mining for info and are local will be put in good water but I ain't showing all my cards to them that's for sure.

    If you tell a guide right up front you are moving there and want to learn the river quick, you may be in the frog water a bit. Mum's the word. That's the way I would play it.

    It's sand and frog water for you Pan, you would learn stuff too quick.
  7. I catch a lot of steelhead on the clearwater in the frog and sand.....in fact most of them throughout the winter.....just sayin'
  8. OK, a swirling back eddy.
  9. + for honesty

    and - for lameness.

    dont know what to make of it.
  10. Lameness?
  11. yea i think the whole "gonna put people into less then ideal water because they are local" is lame.

    just my opinion don't take it personal, i cant afford a guide anyways.
  12. I said I would put them in good water. Good water means water that produces fish. What's lame about that?
  13. I'm not trying to be evasive. I don't think it's a resource worth challenging even further but worth - no critical, to save - and let them be.
  14. Honesty. Dustin, the truth is the truth, regardless of how hard it is to swallow. You haven't been on the other side of the fence so be more objective. :)
  15. Derek, i'll back off and take that as a no.
  16. You don't think a good fisherman will know if he is getting fed some bad water? I know for myself I can read water and if I suspect a guide I paid good money for is sand bagging me I am going to call him on it. If the answers aren't very good I will likely make sure anybody I know looking for a guide in the area doesn't get the one I got. I know a few guides on the Skagit and most of them are pretty straight forward with sharing info with me and others. In return I tell them what I have learned about what is usually a new river every year. Its called respect and we all could use more of it.
  17. The greater question is - "Do you think the Fat Man swung flies or was a dirty-ass nympher? :)

    Good conversation, no harm no foul.
  18. Derek,

    Although I stated that guides are pimping the public resource, cuz obviously they are; I just said it in a less polite way. However, I also believe guides provide a valuable service, and there is nothing contradictory in saying that. I have fished with guides a few times and will be doing so next week in Mexico. The main reason is access to the fishery, since it's impossible to get to most of the places the fish live without a boat. But I'll be expecting more than just access because I anticipate fishing for species I haven't fished for before, and tho I've fished for bonefish, they are hard to see without a trained eye for it. So guides definitely provide a valuable service while pimping the public resource.

  19. Like I said, + for honesty. Your right, I have never been a guide, but I can still have my opinions. I completly understand the reasoning behind it, and why it happens. Still don't like the idea though. I think this thread is one of the most interesting we have had in a while. good topic I look forward to hearing opinions from some of the other guides on here.

    I am not tryin to attack anyone here, just throwin my quarter into the mix.
  20. Ohhhhh, the fat man swung hairwings on a floating line year round:thumb:

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