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  1. i am a pro tier and was playing with a new color and on a small shank for steelhead. just wanted some thought on this fly. its Steelhead Orange. i love this color. its new from Fish Hunter and im having a blast with it. mixing it with everything and has been working great in the salt water for SRC and Residential coho.

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  2. That's a nice color of orange for steelhead. In theory, it should work (if steelhead existed) :)

    Looks good to me.
  3. i got my hope up. i am 1 for 4 landed for hook ups so i got my hopes up.
  4. I like the addition of the orange saddle hackle feathers to the pattern.
  5. Simple, sexy, and has some contrast to boot. It'll fish for sure.
  6. Yes Flyborg
  7. Looks like you have some saddle in there
  8. I like it, it looks fluttery
    the collar makes it just a little darker at the head which is nice, I bet when it gets wet it will have a very barred look.
    No flash? I think a few strands of crystal would look nice
    cool tie
  9. Pro Tyer? lol
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  10. It looks pretty.
  11. Beachmen,

    It is very nice. Could you please provide a recipe? I too like the addition of the orange saddle hackles.

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  12. yes i am. u tied 95% of Gig harbors salt water flies till about 3 weeks ago. did that for 4 years. now i am tying for Puget Sound. Also Ross lake and fisherman that want my SRC flies.
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  13. tail: Steelhead Orange saddle hackle
    body: Salmon uz estaz
    Under callorr: Dark Lilac hackle
    Under Wing Flash: Gold flashabou
    wing: SteelHead Orange Marabou
    Callor: Orange Guinea
    Thread: hot red.

    i tied this on a 25mm skull head shank. also keep in mind that the SteelHead Orange color is a very new color from Fish Hunter so if you have a local shop that has Fish Hunter keep an eye out it should be showing up very soon. My Dad is Rueben he works there so i get to play and ee what i can do with a lot of the new colors. Puget Sound is one shop that i know has Fish Hunter.

    also if you want to see many more of my flies check out my facebook page. BeachMen Fly Tying
  14. Thats cute. It's funny when people claim to be pros at anything on the internet. Anyway, cool fly.
  15. i did not claim it untill people told me i was.
  16. Beachmen, if you sell your flies at a commercial rate, that makes you a pro fly tyer. Doesn't matter, don't let anyone give you a bad time. It's a beautiful pattern.
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  17. thank you Gat.
  18. Naming it Winter Hope's Up? ;)
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  19. Can't resist the urge to troll you troutdopemagic...

    Busted! HA! He is in fact a professional tier. Classic.
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