What does all this flooding do to the salt???

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by TimHa, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. The rivers are gone and I was hoping to fish this weekend. What does this do to Puget Sound, I've got to believe trees, cars, and houses are washing in about now.
  2. Well definate mud! If you look into the blackmouth thread youll see a little hint on what positive thing that the flooding will bring to beach fishing.
  3. The effects will be largely positive for the fish. The short term negative for us is that beaches close to streams or rivers will have muddy water. Also tall banks such as those along the Narrows will have some movement and probably slide.
  4. The runoff, if it is carrying recent snowmelt, also cools the margins of the Sound according to some material I read a few years ago and may move the bait out further. The muddy outflow from creeks and rivers is an absolute.
  5. the water flows with the consistency of chocolate milk in front of my shop today
    last night at low tide, the creek pumped through the mud flats uncovering pilings and an old bicycle
    the skiff is plugged
    beats sideways rain...
  6. Elliott Bay is blown out. Didn't see any houses or semi trailers floating around, but it looked murkier than I have ever seen it. Don't know about the rest of the Sound. I'd hit a lake if you want a chance at catching.
  7. I have noticed that areas where large flooding events take place, can improve fishing in the salt, if, you can get to a location where there is a clear delineation between the mud flows and saltwater. Those areas are constantly in flux, of course, but fish will hang out in the clearer water right off the muddy flow, to ambush any food sources washed out and down by the flooding.
    So look for those opportunities off river mouths especially around points down current of the flow. If you can find and access such locations, you may be pleasantly surprised.

  8. got one coho to smack my gurgler patern in chocolate soup
    missed heem
    tried the drift again no takes
    lots of small bait sand lance or candlefish?
    water is clearing
  9. I would say that the biggest disadvantage of the flooding for fishing the sound is the influx of branches and logs in the water. These will mostly accumulate in cove tip areas where they are pushed by the tide. Most beaches that are even a short distance from creek mouths have crystal clear water right now and resident coho are still feeding heavily.
  10. I havnt noticed any difference in my recent fishing, water seems to be clear and fish still seem to be aggressive. Ive gone today and yesterday and mainly got into coho, however cutty fishing has slowed a bit down for me.
  11. Me too only picked 6 and landed 2. Had one that was about 15" and did a huge head shake that spit my fly back at me. Got my ass handed to me practicing with my new switch rod.
  12. Everywhere I have been the water has been clear and the coho were activly feeding. Yesterday I caught about 15-20 coho and today about 6-8. It dosent seenm to make a difference to the coho as long as they see your fly.

  13. Tom, I thought I had seen your truck down there. Today was super crowded! There were fish around but I felt a little squeezed in so I picked up and headed elsewhere. I dont think that spot in really a secret. lol

  14. No its no secret, I talked to one guy and he said this was his first time salt fishing. He is a steelheader and since the rivers are blown he was out fishing the beach. I thought it was maybe you that came in last. I was all by my self until within 5 minutes I saw 5 people show up, and Im thinking to my self shit this is going to be like Narrows was the prior week haha.
  15. Wasnt me but me and a buddy were the last ones there :beathead: Didnt have much hope for slipping into the honey spot as it was already taken by a few others. Oh well, it gave me more reasons to go exploring....:thumb:
  16. one thing you really need to look out for in the Sound after a major flood event is the floaters and deadheads. keep a sharp eye, especially when you're up on plane and traveling.
  17. This is exactly why I like all of my "secret" beaches so much, fishing is as good if not better than that spot and and no crowds or guides ever there. :D
  18. Yeah I need to find me one, I hate exploring by my self though.... I tend to talk to my self.
  19. It's only a problem if you are answering, Tommy... or at least that's how I keep answering myself.

    Yeah, I've noticed no difference but my favorite little spot had a good number of visitors yesterday... I'll be out there today hoping that suckers gotta work ;) Nice to meet a couple more forum members though, and managed a rezzie on the periphery of the pod. Missed a two-hit short take in one of my favorite SRC haunts on the way back to the truck... damn. GF loved that area and got loads of cool photos. Screw flooding, the salt be fine.
  20. I hear ya, and I was successful in finding a great one both from the boat and beach with no one there, even on a sunday! Sad part is you have already been there....and caught fish :eek: Then again why doesnt that suprise me. lol You have probley covered every 50yds of beach in this neck of the woods. :thumb:

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