What does your tying space look like

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Bighorn Flies, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I'm curious to see what everyone's tying space looks like. Maybe I can get get a few other ideas on organization.
    This is My tying room.




  2. Show off :)

    Seriously though, your "tying space" looks a lot like retail space . . .in a good way. I won't bother with any photos of my man cave. I have two tables, a few plastic bins with drawers, and a lamp over my vise.
  3. Man!! Is that a house or room? Lots of stuff going on there.....Looks like ALOT of streamer stuff going on in there with the Fish Skulls near the immediate tying area and the drying racks full of streamers.
    That area is a wet dream tying area for sure....Well done. One question though....Are you a commercial tyer?

    I am with troutpocket on this....My space is a small corner desk in my living room with some plastic drawers for materials and various flyfishing paraphernalia.
  4. Yes I am a commercial tier. I tie anywhere between 5000 to 7000 doz. flies a year. I am truly a glutton for punishment!!
  5. Thats a nice huge place to tie flies, all the materials available!
    Heres a pic of my tying space.

  6. Now I need to go and clean my space, thanks a lot.

    Nice pics you guys.

    @Bighorn: do you have some sort of inventory system?
  7. Bighorn's inventory system:

    Bighorn walks into his local fly shop. Shop Owner says "Hi Bighorn. It'll be the usual this week?"
    Bighorn says, "Yep. One of everything."
  8. I'm with Troutpocket.... My space has nothing to add to this thread, especially with regards to ORGANIZATION.

    Very nice tying space Bighorn Flies. Would you consider renting it out for birthday parties by the hour? I'm interested in an early December rental.
  9. Wow, Bighorn, WOW! I also checked out your website, really nice flies. If I didn't tie my own, I would be jumping all over yours...

    Just to put everything in perspective, I tie maybe 500-600 flies a year (let alone 5000 to 7000 dozens!), and in a very limited number of types (all dries) and sizes (14-24), buying the saltwater flies that I need. My tying space reflects this limited use, it's just an old Ikea computer table, with materials stored in 2 Plano boxes below the tying surface:


  10. Thanks Rick !!!
  11. Well, that explains the roll of TP pictured; no time to run down the hall...heh. Great looking tying station and flies!
  12. Terrific tying room for Bighorn but I don't envy the tyng of his amounts as a pro!

    Here is a picture of mine....


  13. You can't see much from the picture, but this is my "fishing room" where I tie my flies when I'm in PA during the winter. (I have a different place where I tie flies when I'm in MT for the summer). There's a slant top desk in the far left corner where I tie, and the door on the far right side of the room is a closet where I keep much of my materials.


    Incidentally Bighorn, I like your custom window shades!
  14. The Fly shop probably asks him for stock!
  15. I have yet to find a retail outlet with this level of stock! Very impressive.
  16. My space moves with me. I used to have a room, but now I have to boys, tying materials stuffed in closet down stairs and a plastic container that I throw various materials in for different flies that I take on trips with me up the stairs to the kitchen table. I almost bought that roll top desk from the classifieds but I just couldn't find a good spot for it that would work for my wife.

    I would also like to rent the spot out, but I'll need it in February. A very clever subtle form of advertisement by the way, I hope it works for you.
  17. Mine isn't too bad other than I'm not the best at cleaning up after myself. The pegboard started as a good idea but quickly ran out of space. I've also run out of space for more lights. I DO like when I can find useful materials, cheap. Notice the dollar store holographic tinsel and the lawn dart rings for casting practice. The desk is a 36" wide Ikea I'd thought was a cool hobby desk for a long time and finally found in their as-is area as I was on my way to buy a new one. My only regret is that I didn't buy the 48".
  18. Bighorn -- your tying station looks more like a fly shop to me...nice!

    Picture 004.jpg

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