What Epoxy Works Best?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jay Allyn, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

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    I've been tying some flies with epoxy and used them for the first time this summer. I noticed that after a while of the fly being wet, some of the flies or parts of the epoxy turned opaque or white and got gummy and could come off. After the flies dried, the area turned back to normal. I looked at my epoxy and it says that it is water proof. Anybody else ever have these problems? If you don't, what epoxy do you use?

    Also, the epoxy I use does not make a super hard head. It's kinda rubbery. When it is tapped against metal, it does not make a clicking sound unlike some flies I have gotten in swaps which make a clicking sound when tapped against metal (like glass would). These swap flies are much hader than my rubber like epoxy.
  2. Wayne Jordan Active Member

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    I like using Devcon 5 epoxy, I've experimented with a few others but they haven't held up like the devcon. Plus, you don't get the bubbles in the epoxy like you would with other brands.
    For just regular head cement I've been using "hard as hull, which is very nice stuff!
  3. Oneweight Member

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    What epoxy are you using? I've been experimenting with Zpoxy and it dries hard but does soften a bit in the salt. I would also like to hear what others are using as I would like something that hardens a bit more.
  4. Scott Behn Active Member

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    same here I use the devcon 2 ton epoxy...
  5. Surf_Candy Member

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    strange.....maybe a bad batch? I use the 5 min Zpoxy....hard as a rock and clear after setup- although yellows faster than the slower setting epoxies if the fly is left in the sun....
  6. Denny Active Member

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    Devcon 2 ton

    The Devcon 2 Ton gives you more working time, and the finish is awesome. Won't yellow either. Don't get the 5 minute; you want the 2 ton (I think it's 20 minute).

    I used to use the 5 minute. It's kind of convenient if you're only tying a few flies at a time, but the Devcon 2 Ton is the best, in my opinion. I've used Zpoxy and myriad others, and the Devcon is it. I learned this through a fussy fly tyer buddy of mine who ties epoxy flies commercially and has his own company. :thumb:
  7. Calico Keta Member

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    Another thumbs up for Devcon 2 Ton. Excellent product!
  8. ceviche Active Member

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    Maintain Good Ventilation!

    Beware of the vapors coming off of epoxy! :ray1: Speaking as a person well familiar with working with epoxies in an industrial setting, I can't stress this enough. With enough exposure (Doing production tying? Working too "up close and personal"?), you will develop an allergy that will mess you up. Wear a correctly rated chemical cartridge respirator mask or maintain good cross-flow fresh air movement. Otherwise, you might consider some other product that can accomplish the same thing. Ever try Soft-tex or Soft-Head (Loon Products)?
  9. Oneweight Member

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    Who carries Devcon 2Ton? I've only seen Zpoxy at a few shops..
  10. Anil Active Member

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    I agree that Devcon epoxy is excellent stuff, but not my favorite. I like Flex Coat “Rod Builders’ Epoxy Glue” and their “High Build U.V. Rod Wrapping Finish.” They allow approximately 20 minutes and 75 minutes of working time respectively. They dry hard, yet flexible and are almost impervious to yellowing.
    If I am in the need for a quick drying epoxy, I’ll second the Devcon 5 minute.