What feels better 6" or 8"

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Virnoche, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. So I need to purchase the correct oars for my outcast pac 1200

    Is there any pros and cons to the 6" vs the 8" oar blades?

    Im looking at the Carlisle raft oar shafts
  2. My girlfriend says 6 feels fine but I can tell she would prefer an 8
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  3. Personal preference yo.....
  4. Bass - there are going to be so many variables... How much your boat is loaded, going into or with a wind, how dialed your technique is, your physical conditioning, etc.

    Basically you want to reach a happy compromise between aerobic output and skeletal muscular strength that you put into each stroke. A larger blade will always react with the water to provide more resistance. There will probably be times when you wished that the blade size was a little different - not matter which way you go. I'd say that if your profession is working with steel or concrete or you are a competitive strength athlete then go 8".

    I have Cataract Razors for blades. They are 7" wide (shape and overall surface area will also make a huge difference). I use these on my Super Puma, drift boat and fully loaded 16' raft on multi-day trips. They are my perfect arrow.
  5. thanks for the feeback. can anyone recommend any stores that may carry oars in stock? or am I stuck ordering? I need 8 ft'ers
  6. Outdoor Emporium or Sportco.
  7. I was hoping to float this weekend is why
  8. If you get your oars, I'd be down to float the sky on Sunday. I've got a Watermaster and need more solo boat buddies.

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  9. I have a single person scadden as well but I think im headed to the yak to go two hand some bows
  10. Another day then. Good luck with the oars. I second the vote for OE.

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  11. My old lady says 'go for girth rather than length'. I'm hopin she's referrin to less calluses when she's manning the oars, but since she's only paddled a kayak....I dunno.
  12. Like a Coke can...

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