what flash back material to use??

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  1. I have noticed that on some of the nymph patterns they make them flash back, Usually a dark blue -green color and I'm sure other colors work well also.
    But the patterns I have looked at never seem to tell exactly what material was used to make the flash back
    I'd like to know what material is best for this (brand name) and the size used .. for really small sizes I have used a small piece of flash a bou, but I am wanting to make them up to a size 10.

    Any advice on materials and what about easily obtained materials that can be had from other places other than a fly shop or catalog, such as a craft store.

    thank you, Ron on the willapa
  2. I use flashabou as well, although I don't think I've tied a flash back on anything as large as a size 10. I suppose if I needed to, I'd just tie in a few more strands than usual.
  3. "Easily obtained materials"...try a plastic sandwhich baggy, just cut it to what size you are using. If you want different color flashback, use a marker.

    Also - flashabou comes in different sizes. I've seen some pretty wide flashabou.
  4. I usually just you like a large marge tinsel for bigger flies or flashou on smaller ones.
  5. We are entering the golden season for flytying materials from unusual sources. Xmas tinsels, wrapping papers, filler for baskets/presents, etc. I have hanks of silver, gold, blue, red, and pearl tinsels that I found at a "party supply" store for a buck or two apeice. They are reasonably wide (1/4" or 1/8") and are great for flashbacks and other uses too (tails for comets for chums are on the schedule for this evening). Special materials for Halloween can provide burnt orange, blacks, yellows, etc. I peruse several craft stores (Michael's, etc.) for cool materials; even large retailers like Walmart and Target are potential places to find materials if your retail options are limited. One recent find was large glass, resin, or plastic beads for tying egg flies. The colors and sizes were a great match to natural silver salmon eggs. Another source of materials can be stationary stores that include specialized wrapping sections. I picked up raffia in several colors for $1.50 each for 25 ft.

  6. You can also buy Pearlescent Sheets made by Hareline Dubbin, Inc. It's about a 3" x 7" sheet for $1.
  7. Ron,

    One of the benefits of tying your own flies is experimenting with new materials and altering patterns to create something different. Don't be afraid to change things around a bit and try out new things.

  8. On patterns such as the Copper John , the flashback is formed using one single strand of flashabou coated with epoxy- giving it that darker blue-green color you mentioned.
  9. iagree with what Greg said above. The sheet stuff comes in pearlescent and even prismatic now. I use it all the time for flashbacks. Much more durable than flashabou if you're not coating it with epoxy.

    The prismatic stuff is great for Copper Johns. Lots of flash under the epoxy, and I think it catches more light and holds the epoxy better due to the "rippled" surface. :beer2:
  10. I think a lot of patterns like flashback pheasant tails originally used pearescent mylar which you can get on a spool. It's basically the exact same thing as flashabou but you can get it a little wider.
  11. Hey Willapa... Well… since I know the wife and kids don’t rid this site… if you have any old Easter baskets lying around… I have used the green, pink, and translucent holographic basket lining stuff as nymph flashback material, covered with either epoxy or superglue.

    And you get a entire bagful for about $2.00… shhhh don’t tell anyone.

    Tight Lines

  12. thanks for the add on info, I have used some of the same items and the dollar type stores sell several nice colors but it wears off in the current so putting some head cement , nail polish or something on it might stop that.. will have to give it a try.. Ron

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