what fly is this?

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  1. What is the fly in the picture? I got it a while back somewhere. I think it was some type of beach slider.

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  2. Puget Sound Slider
  3. Thats it !!! I couldn't remember. Any chance someone knows the recipe? I'd like to tie some of those
  4. It may be in one of Les Johnson's books but I'm not at home to look right now.

    Steve Rohrbach would know. :)

    I've never tied one but from looking at the pic I would say pearl braid, crystal flash, deerhair, and foam.
  5. Checked Les's book could not find that Slider. The body is something that I can't figure out. Maybe some of the foam wrapped with flash then mono and coated with head cement? Any help?
  6. Like I said...

    Body looks to be pearl / diamond braid

    Here's flat diamond braid with a clear d rib over top on a 4-eyed charlie I tied. The clear over top subdues the color a bit but you get the idea.

    You could go with flat and build up the body or get the regular braid.
  7. TK that helps a lot. Sorry if I'm slow.
  8. Did you check both books?
  9. No I only looked at Coastal Cutthroat Trout. If I think about it I will look again tomorrow. I know I got his other book around somewhere.
  10. The body looks thick and with just diamond braid on the outside to me. I think a foam underbody and then pearl diamond braid over that. (IMHO :) )
  11. Yep checked both books.
  12. Rohrbach's Puget Sound Slider uses a pencil foam head, cut down to desired size, and then a synthetic body tied on a tube.

    I've see the above fly pictured before, but maybe in somebody's box, not in a book. If I remember correctly, mbowers is right, it's a foam underbody. I think it is a varient of the Gurgler.
  13. Didn't have anything but green foam but I tyed up two with it. No foam in the body the fly did not float. In fact you have to be careful that you put enough foam in the nose or it will not float even with foam on the body.
  14. It would work well in the Tropics
  15. BM,
    Just a quick suggestion. You can slide a Rainy's popper head onto your leader and make just about any non weighted streamer in your box a popper.
    Tie the fly on, shove the popper head over the hook eye and you are good to go. Kind of a quick, poor man's popper but it works great in a pinch.
    You could easily do that by just tying the slider body without the foam up front.
    I don't fish poppers much, but always carry a few heads with me just in case the need arises.
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  16. Now that a great idea. Thanks. I just used my last Rainy head on a Lefty Deceiver, so I will just have to buy some more.

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