What food do you take with you for a multiple day fishing trip?

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    depends on the fishing and time of year. usually there's no hurry to get going in the morning for my fishing so i like a huge breakfast: Sausage, eggs & cheese, cottage cheese and fruit. Lunch is a protein bar, maybe some jerky or peanuts. Dinner is big again usually steak or chicken on a grill to limit cleanup, mushrooms in foil, onions in foil, and salad with fruit for desert. Usually eat dinner at about 4-5 PM so i can get back out for the evenings fishing. in the fall when there's less time to fish i may eat dinner after dark, although cooking when i can't see can be hazardous for me. in that case i add a little more lunch and a little less dinner. On other trips i may only boil water for coffee and subsist on peanut butter, protein bars, fruits and nuts to maximize fishing time. i tend to cook less in bear country so there's no smelly grills, or scraps. makes me sleep better. They make MRE's now with the heat built in, supposed to be pretty good, but too high carb for my blood sugar. Long ago we used to make pan breads that were pretty dang good, or maybe we were just hungry. fresh salmon, potatoes, and onions scrambled up together in butter is mighty fine, but the surest way to get skunked it to count on eating fish.

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