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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by singlemalt, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. singlemalt

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    Last weekend I was fishing Area 6 with a friend and big kings moved in feeding on massive herring bait balls. About 50 kings were working the shoreline on an incoming tide - bait was shooting out of the water like machine gun fire as the kings boiled around my boat. Bald eagles were diving down catching the bait that were chased to shore - most activity was in 2 - 10 feet of water. I had my sea-run 6wt. set up with intermediate line, but quickly tied on a herring pattern and casted into the frenzy- I was so excited my hands were shaking. Nothing happened. I followed the baitball, casting away until the tide changed and everything died down. I can't figure out what we did wrong. We tried a surface popper, multiple Herring patterns and clousers. Fished fast, slow, stripped it right away, other times let it sink - each time... nothing. I am not sure if we were doing something wrong or if it was just the sheer fact that millions of herring diminished the odds the fish would take our fly. The bottom looked like a a moving black cloud about a 100 yrds long - huge amount of bait. What do you think? The area is private so only one other fisherman was seen. He caught what he said was a 25lb fish with a spoon from his beach - you can't keep kings in that area, but I think he did.

    On a side note - I have been doing well for Sea-Runs. Attached is a recent photo of a beauty that made my day.
  2. stilly stalker

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    Thats oneof the nicest cutts Ive seen in a long time! WAY TO GO
  3. rockfish

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    try letting it just dead drift towards the bottom just twitchin it a little
  4. Upton O

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    Great SRC.
  5. Bob Jones

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    Sounds like a great day and beautiful fish. Could have been boring.
  6. sroffe

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    It's exciting to see the fish work bait like that.
  7. ganglyangler

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    Nice Cutt! Sounds like a great day regardless... sometimes just seeing a feeding frenzy like that makes your day.
  8. singlemalt

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    Agreed - truly an unbelievable day! Keeps the imagination going. Rockfish - thanks for the advice on the kings, I will do as you suggested - dead drift down and twitch. I can't wait to get another shot!!
  9. D3Smartie

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    Keep your fly away from the bait balls. they just get lost in the middle of all that bait. I'd fish along the deeper side with a big bright fly. Also, Dont be scared to fish a popper on the outside edge of the bait. Its the ultimate explosion and probably the best take you can get from a pacific salmon.
  10. wet line

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    Big Kings generallly swim through a bunch of bait and tail slap the herring injuring as many as possible. After going through the bait they come back and pickup the cripples. Often they can be hanging around and down current from the initial attack for as long as 10 to 15 minutes looking for eats.

    You want a slowly sinking presentation that mimics a crippled bait fish, eratic action and even rising towards the surface 3 or 4 feet and then dropping again. Kings are notorious for mouthing bait and may pick it up several times before actually taking it. Don't strike on the fish until it turns and you actually feel the fish pulling and taking line!!

    Be thankful you didn't hookup using your 6 wt.! Big Kings can bust gear! You would most likely be in need of a new rod if you had of hooked up.

  11. singlemalt

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    Thanks Wet Line and D3 Smartie- I am bringing my eight weight and a little extra knowledge this weekend! Giddy Up!