What has pontoon boat done for your fishing?

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  1. Was almost talked out of it until last two posts. I'm thinking for the price (used around $300) it's worth the shot. Have a station wagon so it'll go on top. I'll figure some kind of roller system. Probably PVC around a crosspiece. Was looking at the Yak map again and it should really open up a lot of new spots. Still don't know why you can't anchor a tube like a driftboat.
  2. iagree

    I bought one used a time or two and just sold it. The extra hassle of transporting it (I don't have a truck and have to put the racks on the car and the boat on the racks) just made it too much of a hassle. Plus I figured out quickly that I'm not really a lakes guy. If you are planning on rivers, I would get as large a boat as you can, especially if you are wanting to haul and anchor and a days worth of stuff. $300 will make that kinda tough. Mine was 8 foot by the way.

    Just my 2 cents. Your experience may differ.
  3. I would agree... although many of them are a lot easier to put together than they look. My 9 foot outcast spent a lot of time in the back of my small wagon(subaru impreza) this summer with the frame in 3 pieces and the pontoons half inflated. Takes 10-15 minutes to toss the frame together and pump up the floats and attach. The thing I find though, is if I am in my pontoon I always fish longer than my tube. It is more comfortable and easier to take a lunch and a bunch of beers or what not. Maybe it is just me, but the short time putting together usually translates to more time on the water....
  4. A pontoon can flip when anchored in fast current, which can be scary if the anchor gets stuck and you don't have a sharp knife in your hand.
  5. I prefer lake fishing in a float tube over a pontoon hands down. I have fished in lakes with both and a float tube is way more comfortable. I was getting back pains from my pontoon. That went away as soon as I went back to a float tube. At some point, I dump my toon and get a Watermaster. It looks to me like that is the all-around best option.
  6. Yep - anchoring can be tricky. Anchor systems for most pontoons are that great - but can be made. I need to get a better system for mine. Right now, I only anchor in walking speed or slower current and I always have my knife handy and floating on.

    I keep my 2 toons in a trailer in my back yard. That way I don't have to ever take them apart or fully deflate them. I can toss one or both in the back of my truck, spend 30 seconds pumping them up the rest of the way, and I'm ready to fish. The trailer is for when we take my wifes suburban as the 'turn around' rig.
  7. I have a 2-man cataraft with a casting platform in the bow. Great for many rivers. However, once river flow is past about 1800-2000 cfu, like the Yakima River after May 31, you can not anchor up as, unlike a drift boat, the stern digs down into the water and you start fish tailing uncontrollably with flipping a very real possibility. Same thing for pontoons. Still it's great for shuttling to otherwise inaccessible sections of water and parking it and wading. Superior for the many rivers that are too rocky, or have sections too shallow, for drift boat use.
  8. 2-man pontoon is the way to go! I take it on the Yak, the Klick, and all the OP rivers.
  9. Small, 1-person, pontoon boats are not stable when anchored in fast moving water and can lead to serious swamping/overturning. Most folks use them to get from point to point then beach and wade, or cast while drifting. If you're going to anchor, be sure to do it in slow water and be ready to abandon your anchor line if you run into trouble.
  10. Well, thanks for all your good points. So, despite being warned about storage, transportation and anchoring, I'm going to get one tomorrow and hopefully hit the Yak on Sunday. What the heck, life's an adventure. Don't see any problems I can't solve and have my eye on a sturdy raft for a good price. Looking forward to all those new fishing spots. I'm jazzed.
  11. It has gotten me killed nearly twice.

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