What have you learned about float tubes?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by eJohn, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Fat Cat and Fish cat look great..never tried one. I went with the cheaper Togiak V- Tube. It's not bad...Don't care much for the fold over I get at the front from the two seperate bladders (unless perfectly placed and filled to the maximum..which can be hard)...but it tracks well. The more back support the better. Any float tube that keeps your ass out of the water (for the most part) is probably going to be a b*tch in the wind.....I have been blown into the weeds at Lenice and struggled for more than hour to get back to the other side....I actually roped (tied) myself once to one of the rock islands out there so I could stay semi-near by. My legs (chins) ached for a week afterwards. My friend had a Bucks doughnut shape tube...He was halfway under water....the wind didn't affect him as much...but I have known of him getting colder quicker in many situations.
    Good Luck :) :) :)
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    I use a T/U Kennebec float tube. I got it at a great price. ($110.00). It has two pontoons. and a third which I feel does nothing but hold them together. It weighs in at about 12 lbs. It just has a regular seat so you do sit in a little water. But I'm on the large side so I guess that any type seat I would be sitting in the water. But all in all it is a great float tube and it does what the higher priced ones do. It gets me out into the water to fish in the middle of any lake.

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    on the whole tinkle thing, nothing beats an inch and a half piece of pvc, long enough to make it over the edge, just an fyi for the guys, LOL

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    :clown: would that be I.D. or Lgth?:rofl: :rofl:
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    I bought the WW Griggs v-tube that was mentioned earlier two years ago at Outdoor Emporium in Seattle and give it high marks. Inflatable seat and backrest, good main valves and real comfortable for me (170#). Folds down pretty small, I store mine in a tupperware tub with the dual action pump, fins, and flotation belt. Its a great v boat for under $100!, plus the boys are high and dry