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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Boatswains chair.......If I recall, from my USCG Training,a chair is only used when both ships are under power. It would be ill advised to try that. One ship bobbing in who knows what direction and the one with power trying to stay with it.....I think not......Grandma would more than likely drown when the lines broke. Kerry. I totally agree. you want to see Grandma drown?
  2. I figured somebody with some experience would tell me how it works. I didn't know you had to have both vessels under power to use cable transfer between the two. Learn somethng everyday. Either way it would seem we lose Grandma, not good. I like her cookies.
  3. I thought it was a Carnival Cruise, and not a Princess. But you're the one who's all worked up about it and probably did lots of research on the subject, so you're probably right.
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  4. No doubt it would have sucked to have been on that ship, mostly because most people don't get a lot of time off, but if those are the worst conditions the people on board ever endure in their life then they'll have fared better than most.
  5. Ron and Don, the afternoon dipshits on 97.3, said the cruise line should use a helicopter to haul a new engine out to the ship.
  6. I don't understand how it got to the point of having sewage in the hallways. Once the crew knew they would be without power for the duration, I'd think they'd lock the heads so people couldn't use them. Pee and poop overboard; what's so wrong with that in an emergency?
  7. What? Just fly out a couple 2,000 ton engines out there on a chopper, then, ya know, plug 'em in or whatever. Problem solved.
  8. The situation probably could have become life threatening if they took longer to get back in. All that waste and some heat can fester, and nasty diseases can break out.

    It seems like there should be a way for these cruise lines to prevent situations like this from happening. If a ship lost power, and was say struck by a rogue wave, it could be among the worst disasters at sea ever. If they can afford to build floating skyscrapers, they should be able to afford a system that would protect from catastrophic failure, or at least get them out of harms way sooner.
  9. Shit happens. You can't build in redundency for every possible situation that may or may not occur. Like someone said, even Gates doesn't have that kind of scratch. It is also impossible to think of every situation that could possibly occur. You can play the "what if" game until the cows come home.
  10. Granted, but advances can certainly be made in rescuing a ship and its passengers in these situations. These are the situations that can lead to a better safety net. Being satisfied with the available solutions isn't much progress.
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  11. How are you going to accomplish this, Rob? Some of the other guys have already answered this transfer issue regarding power loss. It can't be done. The only- ONLY way off a vessel like this once she's at sea, is to jump, lower one of the boats, or helo. It's not possible to helo off that many people with a stokes litter and a winch, nor is it possible to ferry them over to another vessel with a bosun's chair, one at a time. Resupply while under way is very dangerous and difficult even with a well-trained crew. Hell, I've been involved in that little exercise myself while in the service, and while your sentiments are nice, they simply aren't possible. Life throws shit at you, and sometimes you don't get your way, regardless of any "profit". Especially given the litigateous nature of American society, if they were stupid enough to attempt to try it, and had ONE accident, the company would be sued into oblivion by the end of the week. And I haven't heard of anybody perfecting the transporter, yet. It's not an "expense" issue, but a safety issue, running completely counter to the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations. Recall that idiot captain of the Italian cruise ship who abandoned his charge after she hit a rock last year? It's a wonder he wasn't taken out and hanged. As a captain myself, I have the absolute obligation to ensure the safety of my passengers before I even begin to think about any crew. Offloading that many passengers at sea would be way past the top end of my danger meter!

    What you have here is a city's worth of spoiled little piss-ants, bitching about the smell, and the fact that their champagne isn't chilled. Get real! What you don't understand is the fact that those monsters are completely at the mercy of the wind, with so much superstructure-what we call "top hamper" They go where the wind takes them, and it's almost always windy at sea. Let's see how much they change the whine if the ship drifted onto a reef, or the fire caused an explosion which blew a hole in her side, below the waterline. That's an emergency; an overflowing head isn't.

    One of you mentioned-tongue in cheek-that they should have just flown a new engine out, pulled out the old one, and fired her back up. Well, this is partly possible-the replacement, I mean. I've actually seen it done once. The crew working the replacement had to pull out the supertorches, and cut a hole in the side of the ship, put the old engine on a sliding block system, and crane it out. The hole they cut was the size of a semi. Took `em a couple of weeks to pull it off, too!
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  12. Hey Boot, You gotta admit, the mercury treatment did cure the syphilis, though: dying usually does ease those symptoms:D
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  13. Now THAT is something I'd like to see! Sounds incredible.

    Definitely agreed that a bunch of free range brown trout isn't a disaster, but it is dangerously close to becoming one.
  14. Don't you people have better things to do than rag on something you have no control on. I ought to put all of you on my ignore list. What a bunch of drivel.
  15. You know, Jim, you could just ignore the entire forum. Besides, what the hell are you doing reading it now?? Why aren't you out fishing or looking for some other trouble to get into?:D
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  16. Wasen't it a power failer to start the engine's. Could they have had a deisal generator brought aboard to take care of the basic's. Maybe start one of the engine's.
  17. I read that the fire caused the engine failure, hard to start engines with burnt up wiring .
  18. I'm an old man and I do this to keep myself sane. I should of gone out today but something kept me to home. The weather got into the mid 40's and no wind. But I stayed home.

    So hows your fishing doing???????????
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  19. Well on the cruise ship I ran, we just used a 5 gallon bucket for sanitational needs!!!! But these rich folks just keep shitting in a toilet until it runs into their shoes. Makes me wonder about if there is any truth to evolution, these folks are about as dumb as they come " shitting in your own nest"
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  20. Sorry Rob, take offense if you must, but your full passenger offload idea is ridiculous. Has a single life been lost during this event? One of the first fundamentals in emergency management, which I know a thing or two about, is affecting change on the incident. By your actions you can make things better, have no affect or make things worse. Throw a world of resources, since you apparently have them, at this situation and the risk you suggest adding may well have ended in tradgedy. Accept only acceptable risk and mitigate all possible risk when possible. Just my free assessment, worth what was paid.

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