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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I am not offended at all.. And all i am saying is that if I owned the cruise line ( regardless of which one it is) I would treat my customers better than those people are getting treated. I am not an expert in anything nautical but I bet there are people out there who have a lot more experience than everyone who has ever seen this website and those people wold be at work making my cruise line better than a slow tow on a stinky ship to a stupid port in Mobile...

    If I were a guest on this particular ship I would be expecting a full cash reimbursement , an all expense paid high class trip to my front door. I don't think it unreasonable that the cruise line do that for each one of the passengers.

    again if it were my business these people would not have had to endure what they were forced to.

    I guess most people just don't think of their customers as valuable anymore...
  2. It's a cruise shit with
    brown trout running.

    Bingo? I just want some

    Off loading the people is as Ed
    said a stupid and dangerous idea.

    Have you seen the 400 pound people
    that line up for the all you can consume buffet?

    At least they will have memories.

    I had clams.

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  3. I'm still trying to squeeze out a few more days on my skis before it all melts. Warm days-well, into the upper 40's anyway. nights freeze still though. We're still ice fishing, with about a foot on Fish Lake here. I'm the only guy without a russkie accent on the ice, at least until the bastards catch all the fish and go home.
  4. They signed up for a cruise & got an adventure for no extra money. No doubt the media has overdramatize this event some. I'm guessing having to drink all that free luke warm beer was about the worst part of the whole ordeal in all reality
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  5. Rob, I can't fault your desire to make things better, and I truly pray that this sort of thing would be the worst thing you ever have to endure. if you really want to learn more about SOLAS it's easy to find the data. I would encourage you to do so. There are several of us on the forum who have quite a bit of experience afloat, both in working vessels and pleasure craft, as crew; some are highly qualified captains in their own right. A few of us have been at sea for a total of several years, including myself. We're telling you simply that what you initially would have tried would have most likely resulted in tragedy-the very thing you're trying to avoid. I'm not talking about once the ship made port in Mobile, but while she was adrift at sea.

    You do raise a good point, though. How to offload that many passengers from a vessel adrift; certainly there's plenty of room for research and development of a system. Don't think for a second that putting 4500 people into life rafts to be picked up by another ship would be an option, though. That many people, you're going to have a fatality in the mix somewhere.
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  6. Isn't this the third ship to have problems. Maybe they should do some preventive maintenance when the ship is on shore. You just can't keep them big ships running without fixing things.
  7. Carnival ought to change their name to "Black Swan Vacations"" or something. Is Carnival a publicly traded corporation? I'll bet their stock never gets out of the tank. Strong Sell!!! Short it!:p

    I couldn't imagine ever wanting to get on one of those floating prisons.
  8. " was your vacation?"

    "Shitty. Really shitty."
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  9. If it was my company, I would have taken the opportunity for some lord-of-the-flies level experiments. Rigged the whole ship with cameras then sold the show to the highest bidder and restore our faith in humanity.

    And if that didn't produce...well. You can always take it to the island-of-doctor-moreau next level shit. Just saying vivisection makes me shudder.
  10. That would add quite a new level of mystery and suspense to the Midnight Buffet!
  11. We've been on two cruises; 7 day Caribbean on our honeymoon and 7 day Alaskan on our 10th anniversary. Royal Caribbean on both and enjoyed them very much. These were some good many years back and maybe we were just lucky as there sure has been lots of bad press on the cruise line industry in recent years. People getting very sick from poorly handled food, a sinking from blatant neglect and now two of these "dead at sea events" with pretty lousy response getting folks back to port. I'm not sure what other options they have for situations like this -- a supply ship or two with portable generators, and that can transfer garbage and sewage??

    I'm not sure we'll ever do another one...but they are a great value...when things go right.
  12. I guess if I owned the cruise line, I would find a design engineer that knew something about "shit" so this doesn't happen again. I does flow downhill, right? To hell with electric pumps. Was it squirting out of the pipes??? Or people just crapped on the walls and floors? Strange.
  13. If I owned the cruise line, I'd be eternally grateful that I owned that instead of an airline. Bet the passengers would be, too. Things could always be worse.
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  14. Ya know, It's kinda like you break your fly rod during the height of steelhead season. It takes forever to get it back. It should be immediate.:)

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