What is a good PNW winter steelhead rod??

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what is your PNW winter rod of choice?

  1. 7wt

    25 vote(s)
  2. 8wt

    36 vote(s)
  3. 9wt

    3 vote(s)
  4. other

    1 vote(s)
  1. Actually, the problem is that even something as silly as a winter rod poll can turn into a pissing match. There's plenty of conflict to go around in day-to-day life; it amazes me that folks then go looking for some more on the internet.
  2. Actually, I have no conflict in my "day-to-day" life. That's why I come here :rofl:
  3. Didn't know I had a fan club that watches my every move and knows so much about me.

  4. Feels pretty cool, huh?
  5. I believe the point Inland was making is that no particular rod is really "needed" - it's a matter of personal preference. I didn't have much problem comprehending the point - not sure why you did TFG. I typically fish a 14 footer; sounds like that's too much stick in your opinion but why do you care what I fish? So the cool guys in SWW fish shorter rods? Big whoop. I seriously do not care.
  6. Pretty pointed comment for someone who doesn't care.

    Though situations and preferance very, there are particular "needs" that should be meet. "The right tool for the job", is up to you, but one does need to exercise his power of reasoning when selecting such a tool.
  7. I comprehended it very well, what makes you believe I didn't comprehend it? I believe I said whatever trips your trigger to go use. Look, 19 people on the survey said 7wt speys were what they use...I agreed and said so.... Then Kerry jumps in and says it was "dumb", and Inland jumps on and says it is "bull". Pretty funny stuff.

  8. You you made the comments in the form of a rhetorical question (middle) about sashjo's statement below and I called it dumb in the last quote because it was.

  9. Justin go read what I said again-

    The 'bull' part was in relation to your stated 'all you need' comment. Not what was voted on as a good PNW winter steelhead rod. What you use is all you need. Somehow you come across as your opinion, and those pesky locals, determines what I need. I determine what I need. If my choices don't work out so well, at least I tried. Or I may just enjoy what I am doing that much more. My choices, likes and desires. Not yours. Neither are better.

  10. I think that for the safety of the fish and of the equipment everyone should be using the heaviest rod that fits the scenario they fish in and should not as a practice use the lightest rod they can get away with.

    saying 7 or 8 or 9 is so ambiguous because what manufacturers label there rods is so varied and even different rods from the same maker can vary in capability...
  11. I am not sure what we are arguing about here or who those pesky locals are, but this is pretty stupid. It is always nice to see Justin making friends though. Overall I think Rob hits this one on the head. An experienced angler could also fight a steelhead much better then a non-experienced one, so you also have to take that into consideration. I generally fish anything from a 7-10 weight during the winter and all my fish hooked this past one were on an eight weight. The spey rod I grab when I walk out the door is the one I want to fish all day with and for no other reason then enjoyment. The reality of it all is if I am going to be casting to an endangered species that probably has no interest in taking a fly not to mention not there in the first place. If I am going to go casting I am going to use the spey rod that I enjoy and can use all day.
  12. As I've gone along..damn near every rod has become my favorite...short 11' 7 and now a 12'6 5/6...13, 13'6, 14' 15' all of um with the right line are amazing, fun and have their uses...I am dying to take out a 17' We live in modern times, these aren't the thunder sticks of old..

    That said, Is anything more ridiculus then to argue over which is better? If you live on the wet side and fish here..you would probably be best off with a gun..because the fish aren't around as much, so go hunting instead..
    Oregon guys tell me they have gone down to 12'6 5 and 6 wt spey rods for most of their fishing...the 8wts are for the windy days...
    B.C. you could fish a 17' like Bruce on the T. and drive for 2.5 hours and be using a 12'6" rod and both would do the job on wild steelhead...

    Skill level is another thing..and the longer you play the game, the more you might consider growing with your skill level and move up to the big rods and lines...I have never seen anything in spey casting near as cool as a skilled caster with a big stick tossing tight loops out over big water...One day I'd like to be that guy...
  13. Golfman" -" That said, Is anything more ridiculus then to argue over which is better?"

    Agreed doode, bigtime-

    I think rods under 15' are for pussy's , and rods over 15' are for dickheads, and longlines are for assholes as skagitlines are for dirtbags... Pretty much sums up the whole arguement doesn't it fellas? Really, cant we come up with something better to micro analize on the spey portion of this forum, my option is to once again sheepishly drag my arce back to speypages which is about like rubbing sand in my eyes ya know ???....
    How about some gear/rod/line/reel reviews, or something we might gain some knowledge about that might help us on the river -
    A review rarely breaks 1 page, and arguement over "who's rods longer" lasts for pages, I don't get it... Juss say'n -:ray1:
  14. imo, if a guy could only have one rod to take everywhere, a #8 fills the roll best. Heavy enough for the biguns and big water found in some systems and light enough to still offer decent sport with the lil guys. That said, who only wants one stick?? a variety of rods from 7-8 wt are perfectly suitable depending where one ventures so best to have a quiver.
  15. Was a question not a statement. Sometimes people mean different things when they say it "destroyed" something. Your are entitled to your opinion... Not sure why you think it was dumb, but...Oh well

  16. Didn't think you would take the "all you need is..." so personal, perhaps I should have reworded (sp?) it. It's all good.

  17. ....And for me... All "I" need is a T&T 1307-3, as all my winter fish have been caught on this rod this year.
  18. I should have used something other than "dumb". Poor choice of terms on my part.
  19. Brother, I fished a 13' 7 this winter and it was all I need..
    then I took my 14' 6/7 out and it was all I need..
    Had the 12'6 out this weekend and I'm thinking it's all I need,
    Then I remembered my 14' 2 8wt and how that's all I need as well..

    Still "need" a 16 or 17' probably and wouldn't mind a 15' something either...

    Shit I need to much, that's the problem...

    I'm going to do like Pan and start collecting more reels so I have and excuse for these other rods...
  20. I got a Lochmor Z 15'4" 9/10 I will sell to you for $300.00.

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