What is fly fishing?

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  1. DFL,

    No, that graphite rod and chironomid dressed with synthetic materials is not fly fishing. Fly fishing requires using a fly rod made of split Tonkin cane, or alternatively greenheart, a silk fly line, or alternatively braided horsehair, a reel made in England, drawn gut leaders, and flies tied exclusively with natural materials, excepting the man-made steel hook. That is fly fishing. And above all else it is very, very elite. All other fishing is basically knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, redneck, worm drowning, or some variation thereof.

    Or, it's whatever you think it is. Take yer choice.

  2. This reminds me of an article I just read about trout fishing. Although it was directed towards bait/gear fishing I enjoyed what the author had to say:

    "What I have to explain in my classes is, when it comes to fishing you are dealing with an animal which has a brain the size of a small pea, functions totally on instinct and has probably never had a conscious thought in its life....and the fish aren't very smart either."

  3. After writing a long winded post about what fly fishing is to me, and deleting it, I have realized.......

    The true definition of "fly fishing" is the individual fisherman himself.
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  4. Who cares?

    Just go fish!

  5. Sorry kids. It's not bamboo. The original tweeds used Greenheart. Get it right. ;)
  6. um, k. good for you
  7. If your not wearing tweed it isn't fly fishing.
  8. do they make a flat brim tweed cap?
  9. I used to think that watching a bobber was boring. Until I got good at it.
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  10. Love that. Absolutely love it.
  11. I use to hate and curse the bobber and worm people until I found I could attach a San Juan worm, split shot and a "Strike Indicator" and call it fly fishing
    I could tie a rope to my big toe and start swinging it back and forth and even toss in a mend as it lands, you might not think of that as fly fishing but I would :) Everyone has their thoughts about "What is fly fishing". I will just stick to the Fish & Game definition
  12. Stayed out on the Oregon coast this weekend near a spot I like to jetty fish. Made the drive, unpacked the stuff, and got the go ahead from the wife to fish the slack tide, only to realize I'd forgotten my fly box at home. The jetty store didn't have any flies (no surprise) so I bought some white curly tail grub things and some hooks and made it work. I don't know (or care) how one might classify it but I caught fish and had a great evening. I might utilize the approach again since the plastic grubs are pretty cheap.

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