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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by D3Smartie, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Since this is a direct quote of something I said….What should this board be about? Giving up every spot you have worked to get? Giving up every fly you have discovered? IMO the answer is a resounding NO. So what if I was a little bit of a smart ass and responded with that answer. It’s the internet; it’s not the place for every idiot
    (no disrespect) out there to learn how to catch fish without putting their time in.

    Here is what was asked, IMO 2 things that should NEVER be divulged on the internet. And I do divulge certain parts of it from time to time, and have divulged WAY too much in the past but it only takes one time of getting burned to realize it’s not worth it.
    We are fishing the salt for cutthroat trout. They are a resident population of fish that are very susceptible to over fishing. They might move 5 miles from their natal stream. They are always there and if you do it right, you can catch these fish at the right spots every day of the year. Ever wonder why people fish Lincoln Park and don’t catch shit? Or why they fish any other popular beach and have very limited success??? It’s partially due to the fact that everyone that wants to fish cutthroats shows up on these beaches and pounds the fish. They get caught a lot and are used to seeing a lot of the same flies over and over again.
    This brings me to my next point… Why would you tell someone what you are using
    (and be honest about it)??? Especially when the next time that fish sees that fly it is going to be less likely to strike it. This might not be a day 1 to day 2 change, but with a big cutthroat over 5 years guess how many olive and white clousers they are going to see? How many pink and white? If I am fishing something different it would be insanely stupid to tell the world what I am using. I caught more big cutts last year than I ever have, thanks to 1 fly. How many other people were fishing that fly? Close to none.
    Now the odds are that where I fish most of the time will not see many other people. (I have made the mistake of showing people where I usually fish and now they have poached my spots, but that’s another discussion.) BUT when I do end up fishing a beach that has a lot of pressure and I fish a popular fly down the stretch with not a touch, switch over to my fly and get three 18”+ fish on three casts, I learned something… And it wasn’t the only time that that fly produced for me on heavily pressured fish.
    So forgive me for not telling everyone out there how to catch these fish. It is a fishery that requires a lot of time and dedication to get dialed in, and now that I have it dialed in, I don’t need to show everyone else how to be successful. And hell, if you read this post and take away some bits of information, you have learned more than I’d wish to share.
    This board can be all about sharing success, sharing pictures and sharing whatever else YOU want, but when it comes to my fishing. There is NO way that I am going to shoot myself in the foot and hurt my fishing.
  2. OK, so you are a SRC fishing god with a magic fly. We get it.
  3. I guess people come here to share experiences and advice. It is your choice to share a lot, a little, or nothing at all - just as others can make that same decision.

    People, however, deserve the right to ask whatever and see if it takes. After all, we are fishermen so "fishing" for an answer, even if the odds are against getting one, would seem to be instinctive for most of us!
  4. I hear what you're saying and I have to agree with it, with regards to posting on the internet. I'm still a bit more lenient with information if I happen to strike up a conversation with someone on a stretch, or if I'm going on a fishing outing with a new friend. But I won't publically spam my what-when-where-hows to the thousands.
  5. Ah yes, striking the delicate balance between bragging and giving up vital information.
    Hint: if you don't post pictures of your fish you don't need to worry about photo shopping the background out of the photo.

    On the other hand, if you see Lyle Pt. in a fish photo and assume the fish was caught there you are assuming an awful lot. If Henderson Inlet is mentioned in a post you can rush straight to Henderson Inlet and try to find the exact beach at the right tide at the right time of day etc, etc.

    Is there really that much "internet scouting" going on?
    If a guy spends hours pouring over notoriously unreliable fishing reports on the web and draws a conclusion from those reports and then proceeds to the beach with all his ill gotten info, do you really think he's gonna clean up on that beach?

    C'mon D3, Lincoln Park sucks because it's readily accessible in an urban area.

    You could PM me your magic pattern and I could tie it up w/ my meager skills and I seriously doubt that it would make me any more successful.

    Hell, maybe we should just stop talking about SRC altogether. Too many people are getting interested in this fishery. Posts that brag about 20 fish days and monster cutties making reel smoking runs are doing as much to ruin the fishery as the guy who posts pictures of a pattern with which he's been successful.

    So, you showed some great spots to somebody who burned you. Bummer. It doesn't mean that every guy who asks about a pattern or a general area is out to steal all your fish.

    There are guys on this board who have been fishing for SRC sice before you were born and they have been really generous with info on patterns. I like that tradition. :cool:

    If you don't want to divulge places or patterns that's certainly your perogative but I think it's kinda over the top to jump on everyone who asks about a pattern or general area.

  6. Again its just my opinion, but sharing every detail of a fishery is not what this board is about to me.
  7. D3, we're not really that far apart on this. I don't think I would share "every detail" either. I don't have company very often when I fish but, when I do, I don't hold back very much. That being said, I'm pretty picky about whom I'll share a boat with all day. If I had the opportunity to fish with some of the highly skilled anglers on this board I would feel privileged and I would have no reservations about showing them my favorite spots. I figure these guys are the kind of folks who would respect the resource so I'm not too worried about them figuring out my beaches.
    I wouldn't announce those beaches on this board but, I'm not worried about telling you that I launch at Luhr Beach, or that there are some good beaches on Anderson, Fox, & McNeil Islands. If you can find them, have at it!
    If a new guy on the board asks for places to fish and patterns to throw I try to point them in the right direction without giving away the whole game.
    I think responding to such a question by posting "on the water, with a fly" is a bit too dismissive for my taste. It wasn't that long ago that I was asking those kinds of questions. The answers that I got were friendly and helpful. I'm trying to pass that on.

    Best wishes to you. I hope to see you on the water some day (so I can dog you to one of your honey holes). :rofl:

  8. ok D3, so your an asshole. we're all assholes. so get over it and fish. :beer2:

    you don't have to pin point your spot on a gps and take a picture of the pattern you used to help someone out. . .

    maybe talking about how no one should share information on a website made for people to share information and general knowloedge isn't the greatest plan :cool:

  9. never said people shouldn;t share, just explaining why i dont. And yes, I can be an asshole:thumb:
  10. I don't think D3 is trying to say he's a "cut-throat" God and I don't think he's being an a-hole. I think he's just continuing on the discussion we've had here for a long time; Do you tell others, if so, when and how much do you tell, and when do you keep your mouth shut?

    Like someone mentioned earlier on a different thread, secrecy and deceit are long standing traditions of angling. I like trying to figure out someone's secret spots, and I can appreciate it when I have to earn my own that I share with only a select few.
  11. D3
    I agree some what with what I think your position is.
    When some post a report on how they slayed em but give
    absolutely no details I have to think whats the purpose.
    Do they need some feed back on how great they are or what?
    I also don't think we should give it all away either by naming exact locations. Since this is on the salt water page there is only a few
    pieces of information I like to see in a fishing report. It's nice to
    have a general idea of the where (i.e. north sound, south sound hood canal). Its also nice to hear a bit about methods (bait fish, krill etc).
    With that level of info you would still have to go out and explore and
    find you own special spots and techniques. I do agree that to often
    there a posts where the tone of the request are such that they are
    asking exactly which rock to stand on and at what time to cast.
    There is more than enough info out there that with a little leg work
    you can figure it out for them self.

    Just my 2 cents.

  12. D3, as a fellow cutthroat addict, I whole heartedly agree with your thinking.
  13. It's pretty simple. If you don't want to tell, don't.

    Whining here every few months isn't going to stop guys from asking. Post a pic or a report, expect some questions. Don't be afraid to say 'no', but don't act all surprised and\or angry when you get the expected questions.

    What's is all about? Sounds like the answer is - you!

    What's this site all about? I don't think you'll find a 'one size fits all' answer. There doesn't need to be one. We all get different things out of it. Don't tell me what I should use it for and I won't tell you. :)
  14. zippers are for pants!!! D3, keep them pants closed:) good on ya for keepin it real
  15. David, thanks for sharing your opinion. I look forward to getting out on the water again soon. Steve
  16. I certainly want people to continue to enjoy fishing for our wild coastal cutthroat through all of its environment; marine and riverine. I do believe though that during the past twenty years, or so that the goal of some anglers has been to simply catch fish, in some cases a lot of fish. I've heard chest-beating stories of catching 40 cutthroat on a single tide and 50 coho salmon in a day from people who must think that I cannot do the math. Simply divide the approximate minutes the person fished by the number of cutthroat or salmon caught and you know that the person has experienced impossibly outstanding fishing.
    I have come to the conclusion that catching cutthroat, or salmon for that matter, has somehow become compensation for failing to make the high school football team, or a form of penile enhancement.
    We will better serve ourselves and the well-being of our cutthroat if we really become engulfed into the fishing, not just the catching of fish. For one thing, it is critical to remember that catch-and-release fishing is still a blood sport. The more you catch and release the more you will kill. It is that simple. A bit of restraint in our need for huge catch and release numbers and perhaps a bit more attention paid to the monumental effort the cutthroat makes on a constant basis to maintain healthy numbers as a wild fish; or to soak up some of the beauty in the places where we fish for cutthroat and perhaps learn more about the history of our fishing in the Puget Sound country would be a start.
    A lot of dedicated people have been fighting for the well-being of the coastal cutthroat for more than forty years that I know about, and the effort has no end. In this regard, Leland Miyawaki and I will be testifying at the upcoming meeting of the Puget Sound Recreational Fisheries Enhancement Oversight Committee in a few days. We have been asked to to present our views to the commission on how to improve the beach fishing for both cutthroat and the resident coho salmon program.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  17. I don't give a rip about what it gets posted as long as they don't post the GPS coordinates.
  18. I just want to say that this a great thread, and I really see how we are all in the same boat, some of us just have bigger zippers, and others looser lips. I started FF for SRC just last spring, and WFF helped me out tremendously without me asking for a rock to stand on. A big part of the fun of fishing is going out there and being on the water, noticing your surroundings, and being rewarded with a few fish. This is, however, the information age, and some people want it all, right away, like a drive through. But what they are missing is really the heart of it all, and I think that is what you are really talking about-that is "what it's all about". I realize there are cranky old trouts out there, but that there are also fresh one's just coming out of the rivers, willing to snatch up any old piece of information. Just know that we are all in different stages of the game, and hopefully figuring out what it's all about.
  19. D3... I do agree with your philosophy on fishing, but I think you need to cut the attitude. Like Chad said, don't post pictures of huge fish if you don't want people hounding you for info.
  20. D3smartie:

    iagree with you!

    Much of the enjoyment of fly fishing on Puget Sound is "discovering" some new fishing spots, developing successful fly patterns, and understanding the complexities of this ever changing fisheries. There are few short cuts in the pursuit to become a successful fly fisher on Puget Sound as you need to put in "your time" to earn the rewards.


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