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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by D3Smartie, Feb 28, 2008.

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    Guys, this isn’t about internet shortcuts, at least not from my perspective. It’s about being courteous and respectful to new members of the community.
    There are plenty of folks who read this board and never post, for various reasons. If they’ve been reading for a while they’ll understand the unspoken rule that one doesn’t ask for precise directions to fishing spots.

    Then there are those who find the board and, in their excitement at finding an active group of knowledgeable anglers, they commit the ultimate sin of asking for a fishing spot. I question whether it’s in the best interest of the sport (or the individual who is posting an answer) to be rudely dismissive to those who are seeking information.

    I am suggesting that perhaps it’s better to gently urge them to use their legs, their boat, and their deductive reasoning to find their own spots because, as we all agree, the greatest joy this sport provides is the discovery of fish, their habits and habitats.

    Some of the people asking the “where can I catch a fish” question are kids. They’ve taken the initiative to reach out to total strangers on the internet for help in pursuing their new found passion. The worst thing we can do as sportsmen is to throw a big bucket of cold water on that passion.

    Let’s agree to be cool to the kids, OK?

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    It was my reply that started all this. D3 I am not saying that you have to tell everyone which rock you were standing on and give out your secret pattern. I just think that a civil answer such as "fishing in the south sound with a streamer pattern" would have been more appropriate.

    I know all to well how much work goes into locating a great place, and creating a killer pattern. I am new to this area and have been out scouting for suitable SRC beaches every chance I get. I could make it easier if I just asked where and what beaches fish best but, to me part of the success in fishing is being able to search and (hopefully} locate some fish. Will I share this info? Sure i will. Why? Because when I started FF 30 yrs ago I was always asking questions and there always seemed to be no shortage of answers. Besides, if a person is asking which rock I am standing on and wants to know EXACTLY which fly I am using, I doubt if they are going to be fly fishing for very long.

    As already mentioned sharing information is a traditon in FF something I enjoy doing. This is a tradition not a rule that you or anyone else has to play by. There are a lot of traditions in FF, some of which in this day and age are slowly disappearing. Geez, all a body has to do is take a casting lesson in the morning, hire a guide, and in the afternoon they will be out catching fish and be back in the lodge in time for cocktails.

    Opps, starting to rant here. Anyway D3 hope to see you on the beach someday. Maybe we can share some patterns and BS.:beer2:
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    Where does anyone get the impression he's proclaiming himself to be a SRC God?

    I appreciate the reports and couldn't care less if he photoshops the background out of the picture. The picture alone should be enough to energize a person to get out there and try to discover their own little nirvana. After all, the pictures validate what everyone wants to know. Yes, there are fish out there and, yes, there are some beauties to be caught. If that's not enough to start a person on their own individual pursuit of such a magnificent fish then it's not for them. If it takes more than that then they are not motivated enough and will stick other pursuits.

    I've never met D3 but he's the first person to offer me a rod to borrow for a trip that I posted in the classifieds. Seems he was plenty willing to share with someone he didn't even know. Anyone who thinks he's just doing this out of ego might want to take a look in the mirror or get to know him first before making such statements.

    Check this out. 18 replies and 764 views. Lots of people just looking for a glimpse of the fly, maybe some river background to help locate the spot. Not everyone is just lurking for info but enough are and that's why much of what I do is not shared on the WWW.
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    i don't think that 800 people are looking for the fly, especially since the title of the thread has absolutely nothing to do with that . . maybe reading the thread and don't feel like getting invovled in the discussion? Lets not start a salem witch trial here ok?
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    D3 I certainly agree with you as far as telling which rock to stand on hell I won't even tell my wife where some of the beaches are that I fish and she doesn't even fish. I don't mind sharing my flies though maybe I should I don't know but I don't think it makes that much of a difference, sure maybe if everyone fished the same flies to the same fish every day it would but I don't believe thats the case, you do though and thats ok by me its your choice to make.
  6. PT Physhicist

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    Huh? Guy gets blasted for not sharing more info and now it's a salem witch hunt. Folks need to relax a bit. Someone is enjoying the resource and getting hammered for sharing some pix without giving the time, date, place, tide, fly, etc. If you read between the lines there's some good info.

    I'm out. Next summer/fall I'll be enjoying some good fishing out of NB but will explore and find "it" where I can get it. PM me if you want some info. Between then and now I'll also run into a bunch of undisturbed steelhead which my friend and I will CnR but won't broadcast on the www.

    Ya, we earned it!