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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tying2Fly, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I am flying up from Phoenix, AZ on Thursday (9-10-09) to visit my Brother in Enumclaw, WA for a week and hope to get in some flyfishing. I grew up in Everett area but have no knowledge of the waters near Enumclaw. I am mainly a trout guy but ok with anything really, and of course a steelhead or salmon would be the progressive jackpot for me. However, it will be bank or wader fishing as no access to boat and both brother and I are still unemployed so cash is tight. My brother is suggestiong we go to the Yakima river but I don't know if that has any wadable areas? Anyway, if any of you can suggest some reasonable short hops to a good fishing hole (1-2 hrs drive), I will be most thankful.
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    The Yak is dropping daily and should be wadable, thought the fish will take a little time to adjust to the new feeding lanes. A few days after stabilization it will really take off, both in fishing and number of fishermen. You might want to post on the main forum to get more hits on skinny water in the Enumclaw area.

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    I am mostly a stillwater guy and there aren't any good options without a craft of some kind.

    Salt water is a possibility, Brown's Point offers the last of the pinks, searuns and silvers. A number of beaches offer searun cutthroat.

    The Green is very close to you and has pinks, searuns and a very few steelhead. There are a number of accesses at the state parks. It may be a little chuck and duck though.