What is the alge crap on Black Lake in Oly

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  1. I fish Black Lake 3-4 times a week. I was just down there the night before last and all was well. I went down for a few casts tonight and there was a scummy green film all over on the south end of the lake. It was sort of a Hulk color and when I smelled my hands after stripping line, it smelled like cooked spinach. Anyone have any idea what it is? Should I give my line a rinse prior to fishing a different spot? Thanks for looking.
  2. Dang! I blew it cooking the spinach last night, and I had to dump it somewhere!:clown:

    Strange that algae blooms when the water is cooling down. Somethin funny going on over there? I sure hope some nimrod didn't launch in Duck Lake, Leland Lake, or one of the others with toxic algae blooms going on, and then neglect to clean his boat and trailer before launching in Black!

    So, yes please rinse your line before thrashing any other waters with it!

    I followed a local who had just pulled his boat out at the Westport boat ramp, driving down hwy 105 from Westport to Grayland last weekend, and he had about 15 or 20 gallons of seaweed hanging from all over his trailer, and pieces falling off the axles as he drove along. Either this guy was clueless, or he was flaunting his disregard of the new rules that state you must clean all vegetation off your boat and trailer before transporting it.:beathead:

    I have always wanted to learn more about fishing Black Lake, it being open year 'round and within reasonable driving distance..
  3. A disturbing thought just ambushed me. Knowing what I do about landscape maintenance, I think it is possible that this recent rain could have washed lawn fertilizer from all the lakefront homes into the water, boosting the nutrient level enough to set off a bloom. Many people fertilize their lawns in the late Summer or Fall about this time. For any homes adjacent to a body of water, this practice is now known to be just plain "wrong already!" But people want their perfect green lawns.

    I never crank anything on any lawns, any more, as I have been winding my business down getting ready to quit it. I have begun to hate the entire lawn-care circus. I just cut stuff back, yank it out, or clean it up, now. No chemicals! I never apply chemical fertilizers on lawns any more. There are better alternatives available. Weed-free composted horse manure is way better than chemicals for your lawn, if you can find some. Mulch-mow, returning the clippings directly to the lawn. In the Spring, spread corn gluten over your lawn. It is "organic" and will keep many broadleaf weeds from germinating. Say "NO" to the chemicals!

    Or maybe this bloom is a regularly occurring phenomenon due to low oxygen conditions caused by some dynamic natural process?
  4. What is the algae crap on Black Lake in Oly

    Steroid algae, eh? That makes sense. I've been living near the lake since '06 and never saw anything like this. It happened right after the rain we had over the last few days. Near the boat launch, it looked for lack of a better word, unnatural. Green with a weird sheen to it. I hope it clears up. If you want to get out on the lake, send me a PM anytime. I fish from a dock, but I also have a canoe.:thumb:
  5. Hi Jason,

    The strong, consistent winds that we had last week may have stirred up and moved algae which is normally distributed across the lake to the boat launch side. We had a calm, sunny, fall until the last week with lots of opportunities for algae to accumulate.

  6. Cooler heads prevailing here! Thanks Cabezon, that sounds like it might explain the situation as described. Hope that's all it is.
  7. Thanks for the good info, guys.

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