What is the deal with Snowbee??

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by stan, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Snowbee is a company that makes many products, including reels and rods, most notably spey rod, switch rods, and single handed rods. They are a UK company but have a US office based in California. They are notable because their Spey rod got reviewed as basically the best spey rod their is on Speypages.com (http://www.speypages.com/snowbee.html). So who here has seen Snowbee In a Shop? Chances are if you are in California, Oregon, or Washington you havent. I dont think California has a single dealer with spey rods, paradoxically since Snowbee Usa is located in California and got a review on speypages proclaiming them the best thing since sliced butter. They probably have one handed rods in about 2 shops. Dont think they have rods in any Oregon shops, but am sure they have 1 or 2 shops that carry they rods in Washington like River run anglers. Big shops? No way.

    So what is their deal? Need to hire a rep? Need to hire a quality rep? Need to go to all the shows?
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    So Stan, are you now repping for Snowbee? Is that why you are spreading the cow do-do so thick all over this forum?
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    Jack Cook used to sell snowbee through the Irish Angler website, but it has since changed ownership and they are selling alot of different products. I really wouldnt know where to find a snowbee rod these days.

    Just checked their website, here is a link to their dealer locator. http://www.snowbeeusa.com/dealer.htm looks like there are a few in the NW.

  4. Red Shed "junkyard spey"

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    If one wants a fast action rod that has nice fittings, a lifetime warranty, and is in the mid-price point the Snowbee rods are a nice choice. I like to think of them as a poor man's T&T.

    I'm not sure what your definition of "Big shop" is. I can tell you that in the PNW there are a couple of small shops in square footage, that are very big in two hand rod sales volume selling Snowbee rods.

    Snowbee USA seems to have a well rounded dealer network. As of this morning they seemed to be alive and well. I'm wondering why you are so concerned about "what their deal" is.
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    Decent sized shop: Puget sound fly company. Creekside. Gary's fly shoppe. Kaufmann, fly shop in welches. Not a single full service fly shop sells spey rods in california, and snowbee usa is located in California, and there are a ton (24?) of flyshops that sell two handed rods in California.

    I have noticed from other posts in this forum that others have commented on that you kind of have a bad tude, Mr rap star, spey star red shed man
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    Well Steve Sullivan/Stan or whoever you will be next week,

    I really don't know why you have concerned yourself with the fact that the shops you've named are not selling Snowbee spey rods. For anyone that wants one, Snowbee two handers are readily available and can be had with a no obligation test drive which is something most shops do not offer.

    As to your last paragraph the only person that I've run into on this or any other two hand forum that has a problem with my attitude is you. Since I have absolutely no use for "BS" and you have proven to me to be a "BS" artist of the highest order I can tell you that is where my "tude" concerning "YOU" comes from. Take care, MJC
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    By the way Poppy, how is the Clearwater clearing up???? Still filled with spring run-off???

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    If anyone has anything to bad to say about my good friend Poppy, I take it very personal. :mad:
    I know that I am not the only one that feels this way about Mike, so I would wade very carefully in the waters you are entering!
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    iagree Stan, you're dissing the wrong guy.
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    There must be some serious misunderstanding going on....... because Mike Cummins is a first class guy that is known far and wide by anglers and I've never heard a word uttered to indicate otherwise, until now.
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    Stan, what's up your ass? You lead with a bizarre post that seems to be maligning a company simply because they don't hawk their wares through the "big" fly shops, and then you have the gall to disrespect Poppy? This guy is the consummate gentleman and generously contributes more to the spey community than virtually anyone out there. You are a troll. Go back under your bridge.
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    Hey guys, did a quick search on steve sullivan and he has been banned 9 times at last count on speypages for being malicous, so we can all have a good laugh at him at his expense:rofl:
    Can you say TROLL!
    Someone should find out where this douche lives.
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    Oh wait!
    Steve Sullivan
    848 W 5th St #11
    Chico CA 95928

    Gotta love the internet, like I said wade carefully!!!
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    1) Their is the person who wanted a 9 foot/10 foot spey rod who you gave tude to
    2nd) You have me confused with someone else, I neither live in chico nor am I named steve. But I will gladly take my marbles and leave with bullies like you around. I just saw you bully someone for wanting information about a trout sized spey rod.
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    This a post from Stan replying to someone who wanted some info...wow this guy is a saint, what were you saying about Poppy and Sushiyammy????????

    Originally Posted by Tom Arroll

    I am looking to start learning how to Spey cast and was wondering if there is a rod length or action that is recommended for a newbie. My main target for spey will be Steelhead so I figure a 9 wt is a good start. Since I don't have any experience Spey casting yet I don't think it is worthwhile for me to test cast a bunch of Spey rods at this point. My thought is that once I learn how to cast I can start testing other rods to see if I have a preference.


    Hi Tom! I have never had ice cream before, and me and my girlfriend are going out for ice cream tonight. What kind of ice cream do you think I should get? Chocolate? Vanilla? Mint Chip? I am REALLY STRESSING, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!??!
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    Whoa! Poppy has a 'tude?

    That accusation isn't getting any traction. I don't know him well but have met him and bought a few things - mail order, since I'm a long ways from there - and have never done business with anyone more pleasant.

    This thread didn't have to go south, Stan.

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    Banned or Parked


    Hopefully that will cover it all. Until "he" re-registers under another name. A new name never covers how someone will post, syntax, etc.
  18. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    You're not the only one Bruce and I don't know Poppy that well, but have been to his clave once and met him more than a few other times.

    Stan you're a tool! Or a troll! Too bad you're banned there fellow... :beer2:
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    Wow Stan.. I have never once seen, let alone heard of Poppy giving bad advice.
  20. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Thanks Chris.

    Re-registering under a different name is more difficult than you might think. First, you'll need to sign up with a different email address which means getting another email account. While that's fairly easy for most people, you'd be surprised at how many folks can't manage even that. Second, if your connection to the internet from home is via DSL or cable or you're connecting from work, your machine will have a permanent, unique IP address which remains the same, no matter what your new email address is and is much harder to mask.