What is the deal with Snowbee??

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by stan, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. No problem :p

    We have tools in place to prevent this and notify us if someone re-registers, not only is everything above correct but there are additional checks being performed to compare that I wont go into.
  2. Thanks Ibn. That's reassuring for all of us who enjoy this community and wish it to remain free of troublemakers and assholes.

  3. mods = computer wizards
  4. Hardware ban em next time. That is what I do with my BF2 servers.
  5. If I am correct you can do something very close to that with this forum software. I don't think "Stan" will be around anytime soon.
  6. My name is Stan. I live in California. Maybe i should stick to CaliforniaFlyFishing.com
  7. Too late Ryan, gotcha now!

    One other thing that doesn't change ... the way a person actually 'writes.' Most 'write' in "conversational English," quite different that "Business English." Damned tough to adopt a 'persona' that's not easily recognizable ... save for 'split personalities.':hmmm:
  8. ...as in know thy other self...
  9. That too!!:thumb:

    Interesting part is this is something that's done (with frequency) on several UK based fly boards; and the Mod's don't really seem to care ... regardless of how big a butt hole the poster may be.:hmmm: 'Their view' of the internet (freedom of speech) is very different than ours.:rolleyes:

    We have our occasional 'nutter,' over there!!!!???? Don't drink the water.:ray1:

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