what is the difference? spey rod/ european rod

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by willapabay, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Hi James,
    Heard nothing but good things about Bob Meisers rods, Gordon has said its a brilliant rod, thats good enough for me, its just that some of the companies use names that can be confusing to people getting into Speycasting.
    Loomis have a greased line spey rod (traditional style), that states that the traditional style of speycasting maintains a relatively fixed length of line, leaving you less tired and more focused on your prize. (better get that one).Not sure about the greased line though.
    Or should i go for there Roaring river (Scandinavian style) that will generate high line speed, with a much faster shorter stroke, (damn which one.)
    Well there is always the Sage European, that says that i will spend more time fishing effectively and less time stripping in line, false casting and snagging streamside bushes. (o thats the one for me).
    Or if your doing that would you not be better getting a lesson.
    Now to get a line for my rod , think i will go with the cortland early season sylk line with a maintance free plastic coating to glide through the rings.
    I have nothing against any of the companies and i'm sure there fishing gear is good, i just love there marketing.:beathead:
    Gordon (speyghillie).
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    Thids is my first posting so here goes on a subject close to my heart.

    To me there are two current trends:
    1. Rods which work well with short head lines but are absolutly no use with long head lines. Yes you can Spey Cast with these.....BUT spey style fishing involves a lot more than simply casting a long way. It is a method of fishing a long line WITHOUT stripping in 30-40 feet of backing...you simply strip in enough to tauten the line and cast the whole head of say a Grand Spey Rio line + some backing when needed! This saves a LOT of time during a day and makes for far less frustration such as tangles, drowned shooting line etc.
    2. Rods which WILL lift a whole long head and allow you to fish in the Spey Style. MOST "Spey" rods will not do this!! Rods which will include Carron, CND Salar, David Norwich, Winston DBF & most longer B&W. I have all these-except for the Carron which just happens to do very very well in all Spey Casting events as well as being a first class fishig rod.
    Also hoping to get some other CND models.

    This SHOULD be the distinction between traditional (casts a long line) and European (casts what amounts to an advanced shooting head.) but as always the marketing guys have smeared the differences.

    Lastly, unless you are an expert spey caster on quite smooth water overhead casting is a far more sensible option than "spey" casting provided always that you have adequate room and can keep a long line up in the air.
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    Willie Gunn (Dr. Malcolm Newbold/retired Doc and now a Gillie), SpeyBum, et. al. on one thread. Guys you've got the BIG HITTERS HERE!; ZIP I'll try to add to this.iagree iagree iagree iagree

    I'm "good," but these guys are in a far better league than me.:ray1: