What is the maximum motor power for a 13' avon raft

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by cmann886, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I am contemplating getting a motor mount and a 4 cycle motor so I can motor upstream in the columbia in a 13' avon raft and then drift back to the launch or drift back on the other side of the river. I have not been able to find out any specks on how large of a motor can be mounted on this raft if I use a motor mount sold by clavey. I have a chain anchor that is extremely heavy so I am confident that weight of up to 100lbs would be supportable as long as I have someone else in the bow. I am concerned about over powering and flipping over backwards so any advice or links to this type of information would be greatly appreciated.
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    We have built a few motor mounts for rafts but they are a little more tricky than doing one for a pontoon boat and I don't know what size motor they actually used. I think most of them liked the IDEA of a motor mount on a raft and so they ordered it but I doubt it was ever used. Pontoon boats lend themselves better for using kickers in my opinion over rafts and we have had customers put up to a 20 HP jet outboard on a 14 foot pontoon boat. Maybe not quite exactly the same comparison but probably not to far off either. You will most likely need a long shaft whatever you get.

    Much depends on which reach of the Columbia you are talking about. If the Hanford Reach, ( see you are in Richland) you may want to carefully study your approach. If you are referring to the slack water areas behind the dams, you will probably be okay. I was able to drift down the Wenatchee and motor upstream to the park using an electric trolling motor on a 10 foot pontoon boat just fine.
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    You could probably support a 15-20 HP outboard, 4 stroke, assuming your pontoons are at least 18". They are in your weight range. Depending on your intended use, you could drop down to a 10 HP motor if speed wasn't a concern. The 15 would probably put you on plane, if you feel comfortable with some speed. I think 10-20 HP is a reasonable range for you, but it's always best to check with a dealer.
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    This is great advice for almost all situations. Unfortunately, most whitewater raft dealers won't have a horsepower rating approved by the Coast Guard because they were designed to be rowed down the river, not using motors. Many inflatables, including Avon and Maxxon build RIB boats (rigid inflatable boats) that are actually designed and built to be used with motors, often as an offshore dingy but they have a different hull design and purpose than your standard whitewater inflatable raft.
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    Thank you BDD. I have an 11' toon and an electric motor that I will use when on solo trips near ringold. With the raft, I would like to be able to motor up to the old wooden power lines and am contemplating a trip to the Harrison next October and am trying to decide on buying a used boat for the trip, or using my raft with a new motor. The harrison is supposed to be relatively easy to negotiate but I have never been their. I like living and have a healthy respect for all rivers so I certainly plan to "carefully study" my approach.
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    Depending on the frame manufacturer, they may have a recommended HP rating for their motor mount. I believe the NRS motor mount is recommended for up to a 10 HP max, which should be plenty for a 13' boat. Remember though, this is just the frame rating, and doesn't necessarily apply to the raft itself.
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    After what I have been able to research---I will not be using an IC motor on this raft. I may for some lake situation use my electric to move more easily from location to location but I will not try to move upriver with it. I am concerned about the floor of the raft ---it is not a rigid floor.