What is the name of???

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  1. Of the water that run's through chewelah?? Is that the colville river?? Or does that little body of water have a different name? And how good is the fishing in it? I had a family friend say you can go to the little park right there in town and catch them all day long. He even said you can catch some nice sized one's. Does anyone have any info on this or am I just going to have to go give it a go in the blind???
  2. That is Chewelah creek, not the Colville river. I have no idea about fishing in it.
  3. I've fished it down river a few miles. Asked a land owner and he was ok with it.

    Didn't have any luck. Water ├╝ber high and muddy.

    My friend that lived in addy on the riverfront caught browns and rainbows daily about 7 years ago.
  4. boroflyer,

    Are you talking about the Colville river around Addy?
  5. That's what I thought. My family owns about 2 miles of frontage on the Colville river nearer to Colville. Used to catch Browns out of it, but never saw a rainbow. The water temperature was just too high in the summer and once they stopped stocking it (20+ years ago) they didn't last. Not sure how many fish are still around, maybe I'll have to try it again this fall.
  6. Yea meant the river. Flows north right?
  7. The creek flows south into the river. The river flows north.
  8. Well I have heard that the colivlle river has some nice browns so I would guess that you should be able to catch some in the creek?? Now the question would be where is the best place to try to do that??
  9. Sounds like time to do some exploration. Given that the public portion is in the city park, that's a starting point. Knocking on doors is always an option - the more rural you get the more you should be ready to chat it up for a good while if you meet a nice landowner. I've had conversation run for 30 minutes and over an hour before heading off over the pasture to try a private stretch of creek. The beauty of this, for those bold enough to try it, is that friendly land owners have been there a long time and those conversations frequently yield many more leads to "secret fishing holes."

    Many on here say: put in the miles, explore, find your spots. That's what I'm saying, but with a bit of advice re small waters that are mostly private.

    Go. Have fun with it. Oh, and when very, very rural, a lot of front doors aren't used and the side or back door is the main door. :)

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