NFR What Is (was) Your Job?

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  1. TB,
    Do it! I've worked with a lot of ME's and the best are the ones who have some skill sets to go with the diploma; one's who started out like you. There is no substitute for practical experience.
  2. Software Developer. Started working for Aldus, which was later acquired by Adobe. Laid off after 18 years. Now I have my own business & contract out. Lately doing mostly web & mobile stuff, but occasionally dabble in server-side development.
  3. I'll bet you know Ted Johnson. I worked with him at Visio, and now once again at Microsoft where I'm a Product Planner.
  4. 28 years in the Oil Refining business, 21 years of operations and the last 7 in the Process Control Engineering group. Soon to retire....
  5. Heard the name, never met him. Now that I check via LinkedIn I realize why. He left Aldus a couple of months before I joined.
  6. Graduated Seattle Pacific U in Chemistry in 1971, U of W Dental School in 1975. I've had a private practice in Bellingham since then. I am in negotiations to sell my practice to a younger dentist later this year. I plan to work a day a week for a few years since I still love what I do (especially cosmetic dentistry!) and spend a lot more time at my cabin in Winthrop. Looking forward to more skiing, fly fishing and bird hunting! Alex-I grew up in San Jose,and was accepted at UC Davis-almost went there undergraduate, and was an alternate for their med school after my junior year in college before changing to dentistry (which proved to be such a good decision for me!), and I really like that school! Rick
  7. 9 years as a professional fishing guide in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska! Thats the only profession I have had so far!
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  8. graduated from eastern in 1966. taught chem ,physics, and math at othello for 30 years. also coached wrestling,football, high school bowl, fly tying and fly fishing. did 10 triathlons, 20 plus bloomsdays and several half marathons. mike w
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  9. I've had many; Lifeguard, US Army Infantryman/Drill Sergeant, Construction Worker, and finally found my calling as a teacher. I have 44 school days left until retirement after 26 years in a classroom and hundreds of students.
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  10. Similar here Steve, I started lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons when I was 15. I did that as well as coaching swimming at all levels; age group, high school, masters and college for almost ten years. While in college I also worked In Residence life as an RA. After college I managed a swim club before I finally realized that I pursued my degree in ed for a reason and I've been in the same fifth grade classroom now for 15 years.
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  11. Well, I'm a student at CWU and I am also a fishing guide out of Anacortes. Other than that I sold shoes, and worked at a carwash before that.
  12. Army for 15 years (19K20-Armor Crewman & 12B30-Combat Engineer) & cop for for 6 years. In 2005 the wife convinced me to do something I'm passionate about. I've always had some form of a home recording studio so I went to school for digital audio engineering. Been an audio engineer (live and recording) and musician since graduation.
  13. What more do you need :)
  14. Retired after 22 years in the USAF in IT and am now a Computer Scientist for the DoN for the past 3 years.

    Just graduated with my MS in Software Engineering today! I'm going fishing!!!!!
  15. Put my self through college running wildland fire engines for the state. After college worked as a silvicultural forester for a few years and am currently a forest practices forester for the DNR.
  16. I met Katherine Hepburn.
    She was short and sweet.
  17. Cabinet Maker
    Handy man
    fly shop employee
    Building the best fly rods on the planet
  18. Sheetmetal worker here, 22 years. Only job I've had since I was 17.
  19. I wear many hats between fishing and outdoor cooking. Both would be considered hobby businesses. My job that pays the bills for the last 24 years has been UPS. 3 years as a local sorter and 21 years as a driver.
  20. Former Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Warfare Instructor and Artilleryman (USMC), former Industrial Designer, former Broadcast Graphics Designer, former CGI SFX artist, former Chef and Test Kitchen Cook, Video Game developer Senior Artist/Art Director 20 years experience.

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