NFR What Is (was) Your Job?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Robert Engleheart, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. jumbo215 Jasper hickman

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    Rick, are you familiar with Tom White? Hes an orthodontist in Bellingham had a practice for ever up there, big UW fan also.
  2. jumbo215 Jasper hickman

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    Currently I'm an elevator mechanic for thyssenkrupp, also I've worked as a farmer, scuba instructor, commercial diver, boat mechanic, golf ball diver, river guide, bouncer, framer, dive master.
  3. BDD Active Member

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    In the mid 90s, I worked in Alaska on a commercial purse seiner for salmon and herring with fellow board member Daryl Holmstrom.

    Currently, I work part-time as a fly shop attendee, co-own a small business that manufactures fishing pontoon boats and rafts, and work full time as a fish biologist.

    I'm hoping to beat Brad Pitt in thinking like a fish in less than three years. :D
  4. Stan Wright Member

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    BS in Photography from Texas A&M, Retired and closed the studio 4 years ago... TV Fishing show host 11 years, Radio fishing show 22 years. Fishing guide... Retired and let my son do the guiding and I just travel and go fishing. If the Navy hadn't moved me to Hawaii, I would probably have stayed in Whidbey Island... Washington is a beautiful place.
  5. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    "Passionate about all things real-estate related!"
    16 Years at a local Large real-estate company, but mostly I work with past clients when I'm not flipping homes.
  6. GATOR9 Hey you guys

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    Retired Sgt. with Yakima Co. Sheriff's Department as well as retired Human Services Mgr. Fully retired for the last 11 months and it is sweeeeeeeeeeet.
  7. rory Go Outside

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    Student, waiter, dog runner, blogger, and industry employee. Saving for retirement.
  8. TD Active Member

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    I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I did a couple years in Aerospace after college then ended up designing timber processing equipment for a local OEM. I turned down an offer to move with the company and went to work for a local lumber company as a plant engineer. I worked on several modernization and new construction projects at the Darrington mill when the continual down turn in the housing market finally caught up with me. I decided to get out of the forest industry and went to work as an energy analyst for an HVAC engineering firm in Seattle. That lasted about 2 years until it became obvious that I didn't fit in well with the office environment and consultant role. I now work as a project manager for a local custom fabrication company where we make equipment for aerospace, defense, oil, nuclear, etc industries. I'm much happier in the shop environment building and working with heavy machinery.
  9. Allan H Member

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    Journeyman Lineman: Doing high voltage powerline construction, maintenance, and storm repair in North King County on Puget Sound Energy property.
  10. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    Another ex-Kodaker here, but I was in Micrograpics Field service from 78 to 94. They RIF'd me in 94 when they were dumping 10000 jobs worldwide(and downhill ever since, for them). I've been working IT since 96 doing Network Support. I'm down to seriously underemployed and collecting early SS, but half-heartedly looking for full time employment. Being a Puget Sounder, I've also had a couple of short stints at the Lazy B (Boeing, for the uninitiated), back in my mis-spent youth.
  11. Kenneth Yong Member

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    I live in Rome, Italy, and work as an I.T. Administrator at the Vatican, in the Curia (Global Headquarters, if you will) of a Roman Catholic religious order. No, I'm not a priest. I'm happily married and my wife and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, at the end of May. She'll be my catch of the century!

  12. Irafly Active Member

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    Jerry I forgot about my year as a local "thrower", I mean sorter at UPS.
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  13. Joe Mateas Member

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    I've been a plumber since about 4mo's out of high school, so 14 years in the trade. After the down turn in the economy work slowed down alot to almost being non exsistant so I started screenprinting to keep things rolling. I'm Back at plumbing now but more on the service end of it and not realy liking it one bit(too much work for too little pay, especially when you know what the boss is getting out of it). I'm currently working on my contractors license, I figure if I'm going to do it for another 30 or so years I may as well make the most of it.
  14. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Jasper-Tom and I have been best friends for years. I used to crew on his sail boats. We have hunted birds together in Montana every fall. AS couples we have been to Fiji, Hawaii and Turkey with them! He is also a co-owner in the dental building with me. Rick
  15. chief Active Member

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    I own a company that manages incentive travel programs and large educational conferences. I've been in the business since 1990. My general background is sales and marketing.
  16. Drifter Active Member

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    Professional rail roader! built track for 13 years - drove on them for another 13 (engineer) had to make sure they were safe first!
    gandy dancer
    also managed baseball and fast pitch softball for 10 years - like many, loved working with youth. My first job was working for warehouser planting trees-thinning crew-spraying BGR- and running chipper and fire fighting on saint hellens before the eruption!

  17. Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

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    Retired Professional Forester.

    Worked for NPS, USFS, BLM and private industry over the years.

    I did write the managment plan for the St. Joe Wild and Scenic River way back in the late 1970's.

    But the best job was doing a recreational carrying capacity for the Park Service at Lake Mohave and Mead. My own boat, access to a plane, lots of nice people to talk with on the lake, and all the free beer I could drink.
  18. troutpocket Active Member

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    Fish bio since 2001. Tried other things but found if fish weren't front and center in my work, I had trouble sticking with it. Been employed by Fed and State agencies, universities, and currently the private sector. Love the fast pace, variety, learning new applications for current technology, and think-on-your-feet creative problem solving. And the days in the field are nice.
  19. Matthew Kaphan Active Member

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    Poker dealer on and off for 15 years. Did video production for 7 years in between. Co-created and directed a poker tv show as well as other stuff. Even have a small IMDB page.

    Currently trying to get back to school to finish with some IT stuff so I can get out of the gaming business.

  20. Matthew Kaphan Active Member

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    I cut my teeth learning to flyfish for stripers at Hemmenway Harbor on Lake Mead and Willow Beach on Lake Mohave.