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  1. Played professional soccer for 6 years after graduating from college and retired at the ripe old age of 29. Wife (girlfriend at the time) was tired of following me around. Decided I was going to be a Firefighter but they didn't like all the skeletons I had in my closet (I only let out a few but that was enough). Now I do IT work in the Healthcare industry.
  2. T-Law, which team did you play for, if I may ask?

  3. lumber broker........
  4. Chief, what's the name of your company? I've been in Conference Sales at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for the last 5 years and been in hospitality with Hyatt since I graduated from WSU in 2003. Prior to that, I held several roles in customer service and even used to pick up range balls at a local country club in between washing golf clubs and golf carts.
  5. Registered Vascular Technologist. I do ultrasound on veins and arteries to find blood clots and arterial blockages and stuff. Graduated Oregon Tech in 2011
  6. Ha! That's awesome, I worked at Washington divers for around 7 years. So needless to say I got to know Tom really well! He took me out on the power boat,diving all the time, I just had to haul his double tanks down the dock for him. We also led a bunch of dive trips up to B.C together, what a great guy! All of diving pics on my mantle were taken by Tom also.

    Tell Tom hi for me would ya?
  7. I'll do that Jasper!
  8. Full or part-time beach bum all my adult life, except for a brief 6-year stint working for a railroad as a "General Clerk," mainly in trailer/container operations, but early on as a "Telegrapher," and often assigned to the "Extra Board" due to my low seniority. Due to a merger and the resulting massive job cuts, the RR that I worked for offered an entire year's pay as "severance" to any employee who would take it. Union deal. Being sick and tired of rotating shift work, I gladly accepted the offer and then moved here to the Beach. that was in May of '85. I had only planned to live the Life of Riley here for about 6 months, but now it looks like I never left.
    Before I took that RR job, I had worked about 6 weeks for a marine supply store in Seattle that catered to pleasure boaters, and I just couldn't take the low pay and extreme boredom any longer. So I jumped when a friend who worked at the RR told me they were hiring.

    Before that, I worked many part-time and full-time jobs: cannery worker, elevator constructor's helper, general construction, office bldg maintenance painter, delivery driver and warehouseman, as well as some restaurant work (which I never enjoyed), and attended college full and part-time. I still managed to be a beach bum during that time anyway, because I was living on Oahu, and it was the late 60's and all of the 70's. I worked for a car rental at the Honolulu airport for the last 5 years iI lived there, got on the night shift, and surfed and attended classes during the day.

    After I retire from landscape maintenance, etc. this Sept, I will be able to take my beach bumming to the next level. Can hardly wait!
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  9. Alright, I'll chime in with my resume:

    During high school - Various jobs
    After high school - Installed commercial/residential in-ground sprinkler systems
    Since 1992 - Tech designer at Boeing, now a tech design manager. It's been a long and winding road but it pays the bills.
  10. Wow, must be "selective forgetting," but I worked for some cranberry farmers for a few years here at the beach, and we installed a lot of irrigation! I worked all phases of cranberry farming. Worked at Ocean Spray as a material handler and forklift driver one summer/fall, which became an incarceration of 12-hour days, 7 days per week during harvest. I could have gotten on there full time, but I quit to go back to work in the bogs, installing irrigation and new track on some newly developed bog. I never liked being forced to work 12 hour days or 7 days per week. I prefer a 4 day work week with 5 hour days. Seems about right to me.
  11. My company is Beatty Group Int'l. We are in Portland, but we have managed some conferences in the Bellevue/Seattle vicinity over the years. Maybe we'll cross paths one of these days.
  12. Biomedical Technician/Clinical Engineer:

    Maintain,Repair,Design,Consult etc. for equipment used in the medical field.

    And looking to relocate to PNW if you know somebody. ;)
  13. You know that one time.... when you're on a drift boat....and you're reading a seam...and you're having a great time, downing your second beer, the sun is beating down on your face.... shit, you missed a strike... then the guy next to you is like "heeeey, what do you do for a living?" and you have a sudden urge to leap over board and spend the rest of the day on the bank?

    yeah... that's the ticket.
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  14. Lifeguard, swim coach, general laborer in a wood mill, window and door fabricator, Chinese food delivery man, bartender, held my fishing guide license for a couple years....and now for almost 10 years, attorney. Opened my own firm a little over 2 years ago so I could drop most of the B.S., spend some time working with at-risk kids instead of insurance companies, and fish more.
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  15. Before retiring in 2004 I managed several fabrication facilities for the Feds. If I tell you anymore than that I'd have to kill you. :D
  16. Wow....I probably did this whole career thing backwards, while the rest of y'all were out getting a college education after HS, I figured since I hated school it was time to figure out life. I baked for a couple years ( in the bakery bussiness and in my mind), then turned my talents in the kitchen to cooking where I did any job that would get me a free seasons pass at many ski areas. I also cooked for mount rainier climbs just as a way to spend time up high. I lived in the woods for 20+ years trying on many hats all of which allowed me plenty of fishing time and not much cash-ola! I worked a summer guiding in AK at a fly fishing camp because I thought I liked the sound of being a guide - many days I out-fished the other guides and that pissed them off, I was never asked back...LOL. That was okay with me because although I like helping others get into fly fishing and catching fish, I'd rather catch them too. In 1990 I got married to my best friend and had to start living life in a different plane. I worked at Harborview Medical Center as a Diet Technician, then went to Xray school and loved it. I am currently doing that job, living in Seattle, just bought a home on a hill above the Snohomish River. I played for many years saw stuff that no one really sees in nature. Now I have a career that is thrilling me and allowing me to still continue to pursue my passion of fly fishing, fly tying and sharing that with others.
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  17. Composer.
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  18. Landscape Architect / Park Planner. Retired at age 53...mostly.
  19. I have 4 jobs (Only 1 of which I get a monetary reward from): Dentist, Proud Father, Loving husband, and obsessed Steelhead Swinger, but who really needs the money!!!!!!!
  20. after playing with boats in the tub as a kid, I went into the navy, since then I have been working on pleasure boats of all kinds . took a 3 year break from it to have a bunch of surgeries and fish which I have only done once this year.

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