NFR What Is (was) Your Job?

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  1. Don Freeman

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    Started out working horse, greyhound and off track betting tracks in Mexico, then 3 years in the Marines just in time for the Tet offensive, the next five years were all the horrible jobs, bucking hay,planting trees, cutting fire line, pre-commercial timber thinning, painting houses. Got a Forestry Tech degree and surveyed roads for the USFS, learned to climb and worked as tree surgeon and top faller, back to college, degree in outdoor recreation, taught environmental and survival classes,hired to Ft. Lewis, ran rivers, taught sailing, scuba diving, started a dive shop and training facility including instructor training, ice rescue, Chief of Search and Recovery team plus boat salvage left the gov't job to be sales manager for a boat manufacturer making rescue RIBs, yacht tenders and Tiderunners, company moved to Florida so I stayed here and sold for a yacht broker, then was recruited to be Sales and Installation Mgr. for a Danish parks and playground corporation. Go figure. When they fired all the Americans, I'd had enough, so now I'm retired.

    By the way, I left out migrant worker, hod carrier, fly shop stooge, financial adviser and some other stuff.
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    Professionally (i.e. post college) I've worked has a general news newspaper reporter and then an outdoor journalist. I recreated a magazine for Washington Trails Association and worked a dozen years as their director of communications and executive editor. Then I did a short gig creating a new Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine for the US Hang Gliding Association. Currently, I provide education and outreach services for Olympic Region Clean Air Agency.

    But while doing all that, I also wrote my ass off. I've authored a dozen hiking and snowshoeing guidebooks for Washington and Oregon. I've written a weekly column for the Seattle Times Outdoors (1995-2011) and I have been a gear review specialist for Backpacker, Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Hooked on the Outdoors, Camping Life and Mens Journal since 1992. I am also currently writing for several online journals and just signed a new book contract with National Geopgraphic Press.

    Before and during college, I did everything under the sun in farm country. I started working at age 12 pulling rye (getting rye out of the wheat fields so it didn't reduce the value of the primary crop). I bucked bales after that each summer. I worked for a green pea cannery surveying the fields to determine pesticide needs (i.e. "Bug Crew") and the did pre-grading to determine when each field should be harvested.

    I was butcher's assistant from age 13 through 17 every day after school and on most Saturdays. I worked in a small custom cut-and-wrap shop in my home town (Dayton, WA) and did everything from deliver the .22 bullet between the eyes of the chosen steer to skinning, quartering and butchering and making the hamburger.

    I ran a grain elevator each summer from Age 18 to 22 for Columbia County Grain Growers, personally handling roughly 2.5 million bushels of grain each season. And for a couple summers, before the grain harvest started, I worked as a Fish Culturist for the WDFW at the Lyons Ferry Steelhead hatchery raising steelhead smolt (SORRY GUYS!!!!)

    BTW: My degree from WSU is in History, Political Science and English.