What is your 3wt setup?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Ed Call, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Richard. When they are rising and the wind is not blowing I use the 3wt. I do mostly fish my 4wt and when weather is less than optimal I fish the 5wt. So far I've had some really fun fishing experiences, so very many. One such experience was using dries on that 3wt and landing quite a few mid sized eager risers. Just a conversation thread during a fishing lull.
  2. Mike Wilson Yakbowbw

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    Sage RPL 386 with a Tioga reel and a floater. The Little Naches loves this rod.
  3. Denny Active Member

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    Oh, that would be almost 'never'. :thumb:
  4. floatinghat Member

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    389ll-2 w/ cfo III for small creeks I switch to the 289ll:beer1:
  5. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    Chad, I also sent you a PM. A couple other thoughts....you could use a DT line and cut it in half and use 12lb micron backing to eliminate a little weight but in the end it would be little. This would be OK for small stream situations where you aren't casting more than 30-35ft nor expecting anything large that would make any kind of run on you. Most times you'd only consider such set up for a 2wt of lesser weight rod and/or where you're using a very small reel say 2 1/2" or smaller. I think Cortland also makes a short 45ft lightweight fly line of some kind as I saw something like that mentioned on another board recently. Also for the lightest 4wt/5wt rods out there, I think Orvis's new Helios Ion's are the lightest rods I've seen....both are barely over 1oz but they certainly aren't moderately priced. Lastly as I put in my PM to you, the balancing of a light/ultralight set up is less noticeable/problematic since it is so light, so this may be much to do about nothing. :ray1:

  6. Mikey Member

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    Sage SLT 376-4 with an old style Battenkill reel. Love it. Small enough to be a good pack rod & fits in a carryon dufflebag as well.
  7. Jadon Berry Member

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    I love the Echo 3 wt! You can't find one as good for twice the price. Also has lifetime guarantee. I just broke mine in half (slammed in a car door, you can't break one of these without seriously mistreating it) and they got it back to me in less than a week! Great service.

    I'm using an old reel without drag that I found at a garage sale. I love it for low weight fishing.
  8. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Can't believe I never posted in this one. Not that my 3 wt is any great shakes. I fish a H&H tradition kit 7'9" (first rod I built) with a TFO I click-pawl reel. The rod isn't great, but I gues a 3 wt doesn't have to do much. I like the reel for it's traditional sound/looks - matches a small rod nicely.
  9. RPL/LL Member

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  10. Porter Active Member

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    How would you differentiate the LL and the SLT in the 3 weight? Just curious, I have thre 389 LL and almost picked up a 389 SLT, but backed out not having cast it before.
  11. Zack Leake The user formerly known as "Zekester"

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    Ditto. Cheap, and the quality seems to be pretty darn good. Been pretty impressed with the Cabela's stuff so far. :thumb:

    I have yet to catch anything on it though. :hmmm: I love the handling on it as well. Although, after casting that for awhile and switching back to my 6wt, it feels like I'm swinging a friggin' log.

  12. RPL/LL Member

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    It's just a little stiffer in the middle,which works very well in windy cond.also works nice for chrono. fishing,decent on the dries,but I prefer the LL for dries.I didn't care for the 4pc slt to stiff so I went with 2pc.
  13. Porter Active Member

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    Thanks, yeah the LL = Dries :thumb: The only other rod I have tried that I like in the three weight was the Sage TXL, one sweet little rod, but there are many I have not tried.