What is your beach fishing setup?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Nol, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. I'll be getting a Sage DS 6wt to fish with my okuma integrity reel :thumb:
  2. I dont know what type of line to use
  3. I would use a 6wt intermediate head, floating line Rio Outbound on your 6wt rod
  4. 7 wt 10' Redington CPS with an Orvis Mach 3 reel, RIO outbound floater or an outbound type 6 intermediate.
    7/8 wt 10' Beulah switch rod with an SA 8/9/10 large arbor reel, Rio outbound floater or an outbound clear tip intermediate.
    8 wt 9' TFO tichr-x with a Tioga 8 magnum reel, Rio clouser line or 28' of T-14.

    On the floaters I use poly leaders with mono tippet. On the sinkers I use fluro leaders and tippet.
  5. Rod: TFO Ticr 7wt 9'
    Reel: Okuma SLV 7/8 (great reel for the money)
    Line: Either SA air cel wf8f or Cortland clear Wf7i
    I use ~8' 2-3x leader/tippet
  6. Rod: 10 ft. Native Run GLX
    Reel: Nautilus NV 6/7
    Line: Either an SA Streamer Express or Rio Outbound Intermediate
    Tippet: A one piece 9 ft. flourocarbon to 3X
  7. Sage xp 697--9'6"
    Ross Cimmaron 4
    Rio Versa-Tip
  8. Why don't you think it's an effective rig? That's a great beach fishing setup! The only thing that I would do maybe a little differently is add an Outbound or Airflo 40+ floating line.

    Oh, and you need (a must!) a hard stripping basket, if you want to cast for distance and control your line.

    Otherwise, you're in great shape!:cool:

    My gear:

    Sage 690-5SP w/Bauer M4SL
    Sage 691-4TCR w/Baue M3 (interchanges with the M4SL)
    Loomis GLX 1086 (9' 6 wt) w/Galvan Torque 6 (this is the best outfit of the bunch)

    I have lots of different lines with the Bauers; I think 5 extra spools. I'm probably going to simplify things to a looped shooting head system or integrated heads. I have a couple now, and they are pretty awesome.
  9. iagree If there were only one line to use, it would be either this one or a full floating Outbound or Airflo 40+.
  10. Rod: 10 ft. Dan Craft FT 7 wt.
    Reel: Ross Cimarron 2
    Line: Rio Outbound Intermediate 7 wt.
    Tippet: A one piece 9 ft. flourocarbon to 3X
  11. For SRC: Loomis GLX 10' 4wt. w/ Ross Colorodo #3 w/ Airflo Delta clear int. and Monic clear floater

    For Pinks and SRC: Sage Z-Axis 11' 5wt. w/ Orvis Mach III w/ Rio Outbound floater and int.

    For Coho: T&T horizon 11' 7wt. w/ Ross Gunnison #4 w/ Airflo 40+ slow int., Monic clear floater, Airflo Cold Saltwater clear int. ; Meiser Highlander 12'6" 4/5 w/ Bauer MZ5 w/ Rio Windcutter 9/10/11 with tip 2 removed
  12. St. Croix Legend Ultra 6wt. 9' SaltW rod and matching St. Croix Large Arbor reel.
    7wt. Rio Versi tip line and use a level piece of mono off my clear intermediate sink tip.

    The versitip allows me to use leland's poppers w/o buying a $100 spool. I use the same setup for pretty much all my fly fishing, lakes or salt.

    A 4wt XP is next on my shopping list.
  13. 9' 8wt pflueger trion med\fast rod with:
    a) T-200 on a Medalist (my steelhead line, but works on steep\fast current beaches)
    b) Cabelas WF 8 floater on a Medalist - what I use most often because my beaches tend to be shallow. Plan to switch to an outbound floater at some point to get a little more distance

    9' 6wt TFO TiCr with:
    a) airflo 40+ intermediate on a medalist - still getting used to it, but like how it loads the rod much better than the WF 6 Floater I used to use on it.

    I have a 9'9" 7wt custom built rod I bought from Dean Hosh that casts my 8wt WF Floater like a dream. Unfortuneately, I broke the tip recnetly. If I can repair it, this will be my standard beach rod with a rio outbound or airflo 40+ floating line.

    I like to bring 2 rods usually. Sometimes when one rod starts frustrating me and I have trouble casting (mental block usually), it helps just to switch it up for a bit. Plus can have one rigged up completely different and can switch techniques on the fly.

    And I got one one of the last \ clearance item LLBean stripping baskets and really like it when I remember to bring it...

    Sometimes I wear rubber hip boots. No need for felt bottoms at the beach usually. And it helps me remember not to wade up to my chest. Only problem is when one of those sneaker waves catches me off guard - brrrrrr!

    I also bring some kind of big water bottle with me to rinse my gear with as soon as I get back to my rig. I'll often drop all my flies in and close the lid and give it a good shake. Then hang them out to dry.

    Polarized glasses and a hat are important when practicing that double haul and their is a cross wind. Don't want that heavy clouser buried into your skull or eye...

    Speaking of a cross wind, this is where the full chest waders come in handy. I'll wade out a little farther, and then just turn to cast more parallel with the shore and let the wind at my back help shoot the line out with less effort.
  14. Sage 697-4 XP
    Sage 3300D
    Floating: SA SH taper
    Intermediate: Outbound
    Hip boots usually. Boat sometimes.
  15. Sage 691-4 TCR
    Ross Evolution #3
    Rio Aqualux WF7I
    6' 2x leaders.

    When this rod is loaded properly, the casting seems effortless.
  16. Snowbee Torridge 6/7
    Snowbee 44" floating head--underhand cast
    Guidelines DDC system--overhead
    Soon to change to Rio AFS floater for both kinds of casts

    All on a Ross Rythm large arbor...

    The underhand cast is great for higher tides/steep beaches.
  17. underhand cast? like pitching a softball underhanded? how do you do that from a beach....or anywhere?

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