What is your beach rod(s) of choice?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by 9iron, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. There's always a lot of chatter about different rods, but I'd like to know what rod(s) you actually own and fish with regularly on the Puget Sound beaches for the various species of src and salmon. I thought it would be rather enlightening to see not only what sticks rise to the top for which species, but how many rods we actually employ in chasing fish up and down the beaches. I suspect it's going to be a smaller rather than a larger list, even given our propensity for being gear whores.

    I guess part of the reason I'm curious to know this, what you actually own and use as opposed to what you might recommend someone buy, is because I'm about to buy a couple of rods and I want to avoid the trend towards praise of the newest and greatest thing based on reviews read, parking lot test casts or shop wiggles.

    What do you actually own and use?
    If you wish to include reel and line info that would be cool too.
  2. 9' 6wt Hydros Tip Flex with Mirage III reel (because I'm lazy and don't have to rinse after fishing).

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  3. I've just gotten into saltwater beach fishing over the last year and just have 2 rods.

    Sage Response 697-4 + Hardy Ultralite DD - Rio Outbound Short (for SRC, pinks)
    Sage Response 896-4 + Hardy Ultralite DD - Rio Outbound Short (coho)
  4. btw, Leland, are you planning on teaching any SRC classes this summer (or fall)?
  5. 1 rod for all species Leland? I rather suspected a 6 was all you needed.
  6. Sage Xi3 6wt- casting blind with a 265 grain shooting head/integrated intermediate running line (rio outbound short) for halibut, croaker, barred surf perch
    I use an intermediate clear line for sight casting to corbina and spotfin croaker

    The Xi3 is a cannon of a rod. I love it.
  7. I've used the same as Leland for years, a Hydros 6 wt for my intermediate work, everything from src to big coho, and a TFO BVK for topwater src. Breaking out the 8 wt for coho this year... maybe.
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  8. Beulah classic switch 5/6 10'-6" lined with an ambush 9wt (350gr head) and a light floating MOW tip. I mostly use skagit style casts and it is easy to throw up to 70ft of line without worrying about high tide trees, steep beaches, bashed up flies, dog walkers, and children. If I need to I can remove the floating tip and throw single handed to rising fish... The 9wt line is pretty heavy for overhead (hard on the wrist) but the rod can handle it fine, I bet a 7wt or 8wt would be much more enjoyable.

    I just started using this rod for sea runs and it is still fun with the smaller fish. Haven't hooked into anything real big yet but I imagine it will handle pinks and most coho just fine.

    I also use a St. Croix Imperial 896-4 for bigger fish. This is a fantastic rod for the $$$. I have this lines up with a rio scandi short versitip #5. Awesome versitip shooting head on a single hand rod. The scandi taper gives pretty nice presentation but isn't the best chucking real heavy stuff or when the wind is howling.
  9. Xp 691,RPL 6100. I have others but those two can handle most anything I catch. Like Steve I am going to use my 8wt. more this year. I have been using my 5wt. for spring searun fishing the last three or four years. There were a few times I was under gunned wind, big flies, and salmonids over 20 inches. In reality the xp and rpl are both 7wts. to me.
  10. It's been awhile since I've needed an 8wt for coho. I'd like to see some fish like we used to get at Lincoln Park in October!

    I have a favorite 10' 8wt Scott PwrPly.

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  11. Winston BII 6wt, Lamson Guru and Rio General Purpose Saltwater WF6F.

    Fishes like a dream and handles everything I've ever hooked into... still waiting for that chunker, though
  12. For years I have been using a 6 weight TCR, which is a 7/8 weight in disguise :oops: Currently using rio versi-tip 6 weight, but do use a SA intermediate 250 grain @ times. I have used a SA Steelhead Taper WF6 which worked well in the salt, but I have mostly gone to the versi tip. Next time out I will be using my 8 weight tips with the 6 running line. Did some lawn casting with this and, my-oh-my....felt like a much better match. The TCR is pretty much my all can do saltwater rod for the puget sound. I wish the guides were a bit larger, hate that semi-tug or the occasional hang-up as the connections go through the guides. Sage only uses bigger guiders on their dedicated salt rods. This rod might be a little overkill for the fish fighting, but it can launch a good distance if your timing is right. I have grown to like this rod but I am always keeping an eye out for her replacement! Those Scott Radians looks sweet but dang....800 bones :eek:
  13. 5wt switch with a heavy Scandi head and integrated running line. So damn efficient and powerful. I'm back fishing within seconds of stripping to the tip. As nice and fancy as my 6 wt single hander is, I always grab the 10ft 5 switch.

    In fact if anyone needs a fast Thomas and Thomas 6wt let me know
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  14. Golfman44,

    T&T Would be a nice retirement gift!!!

    I am trying but no love

    Have a great season!

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  15. I needed a faster rod then my Echo 5wt. to match up with an Ambush line so I ordered a Aleka A6 9' 5wt. and was very pleasantly surprised. Pushes line out 60 -70 feet with very little effort. At $126.00 bucks price fit too.
  16. Being as the majority of my beach fishing takes place out on the Oregon coast, I'm usually throwing heavier lines to get down in the surf. If the wind is ripping, I'll grab my Steffen 8'6" 7/8 and line it with a 265gr integrated type 6 shooting head (this setup gets the most work). If it's not quite as windy , I'm grabbing my Fisher 8'6" 6/7 and lining it with a 200gr type 4 shooting head...both are glass and both work great in the wind. If the wind is a limiting factor with the Steffen, it'll be a limiting factor with any of my fast action graphite rods and I go home (discovered recently in Hawaii that if the wind was too strong for the Steffen, it was too strong for the fast action graphite I took just for the wind...besides, I didn't even want to be out in it at that point). Bottom line, I have a ton of fun fishing with those two rods, so I fish them. That's what it's always been about.
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  17. That add is always popping up (for aleka rods)
  18. My TCR will be tossing line in Nehalem Bay next week some time :)
  19. I''ve been using a Redington voyant 4wt loaded with floating Rio 5wt line.
  20. As I mostly fish for silvers I'm almost blind casting. I have a Ecco SR 10'10" 7wt switch rod. If I had it to do over I would not go over a 6wt. I use a Rio Outbound short, both floating and intermediate. My reel is a 8/10 Loop Evotec G3. Loop was smart enough to make the G4 spool fit the G3 reel as well as the 9/12 so it is easy to get spare spools. I know you didn't ask but for boat fishing I use one of Sage's saltwater rods in 7 or 8wt at 9'. The 9 foot rods are easier to handle in a boat.

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