What is your favorite historic Sea-Run Cutthroat Fly?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Steve Rohrbach, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. WT, the Blair's Baiter was one of the first Cutthroat patterns that I learned to tie. On a visit to Kauffman's over 12 years ago Blair took me through the fly tying area pulling the materials for the Baiter and described the tying in great detail. About four years ago I ran into Blair at the Washington Fly Fishing Club and I remarked about his kindness in sharing the pattern with me. Blair asked for my address and about two weeks later an envelop showed up with three beautiful Blair's Baiters that he had tied for me. Needless to say, these three flies are displayed over my tying desk where they can be enjoyed without the risk that they get bent onto a leader. I thanked him profusely at the next monthly meeting and he just grinned and thanked me for remembering him. It makes me happy to think how many flies I have shared with strangers on a beach over the years.

    Dale, thanks for sharing the photos of the Grass Shrimp. I have carried Horner's Shrimp in my SRC box for years but would love to add the Grass Shrimp. Would you mind posting a materials list and tying instructions. I am fortunate that many of the beaches I fish have huge eel grass beds and this fly needs to be ready when opportunity strikes. Thanks for the thread on Cutthroat Feeding Habits. It has resulted in some great new ideas. I appreciate your sharing.
  2. Roger – Your success with shrimp patterns is encouraging.

    Thank you Steve,
    I would be happy to post the materials and instructions. Keep in mind this is new and untried and I am still working out simplifying the materials to some extent, currently it’s at least a 20 minute fly. However, I can still give the instructions for this version, give me a couple of days and I will post it in the Fly Tying Section.
  3. Dale, Roger and I share patterns all of the time and the result can be really fun. My Slider was a result of trying to simplify the foam head on his topwater sand lance. I am looking at tying a number of new flies from this thread and will plan to post them as well. Thanks for sharing. Steve
  4. I also have a flatwing tube skating sandlance that Roger and I have shared in the past. It has worked well here in the north sound when surface activity is apparent. Another variation of this one can be adjusted at will to work on the surface or subsurface or side motion, an idea stemmed from Rogers sequin flies. I will post a picture of it in the future in the Fly Tying Section.
    Fly fishing is a life time of learning experiences, sharing with those who have the same interests’ play an important role in those experiences.
    Thank you for sharing Steve.
  5. This thread has been an awesome read, and it seems like it could be the inspiration for a pretty cool fly swap - Historic SRC Flies? I can't wait to get home to tie up a few of the flies mentioned above!
  6. I agree we should make it a face to face so we can meet the person behind the tie!
  7. I second Kelvin's remark.. Anyone else??
  8. Thanks Preston for the info on the Spruce fly, I've used it for many years but didn't know much about it's history. I'll have to agree polar bear is in a class of it's own, I
    bought a large patch last time I was in BC and use it sparingly.
  9. Hareline makes some stuff called Ice Fur Polar Bear Cream. It's not too bad, but mostly useful on shorter type streamers. Kinda has that "shine" tho a bit.
  10. I'm in for a face to face swap for sure. I've already been tying Lambuth's Candlefish this week and working on other's because of this thread.

  11. I have also found white skunk hair to have "similar" properties of translucene and the ablitiy to refract light
    though not all white skunk has those quailities
  12. I am in for a face to face. I will look into finding a venue. I live in Wallingford in Seattle. If we can keep it to 12 people that participated in the thread, I will host. Please let me know what you guys think.

    Happy New Year. Steve
  13. I'll show for a face to face swap. Maybe a place where we can enjoy a glass of wine? Mid to late February? My $.02.
  14. +1 I'll back up Larry on this.
  15. I am in if it is Feb. 18 or before as I will be out of town for two weeks after the 18th. I would tie a Ferguson Green and silver pattern.

  16. February 11th works for me unless I'm working, Wallingford is my old stomping grounds.
    Knudson Spider
  17. Here's what I've been working on since this thread took off, I haven't even scratched the surface.... Nothing crazy, but I can't wait to get these wet.
  18. looking good Steve
  19. Beach Bum, that new vise is getting a workout. I really like the sparseness on the Lambuth Candlefish. I have been playing with some new Slider colors to test on some Resident Coho this weekend. Keep the creativity coming Steve.

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