What is your least favourite material to work with?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Loopy, May 31, 2008.

  1. So, tie a batch of flies, then go out to the shop/garage/elsewhere, fire-up the shop vac, disconnect the hose, and trim away. I availed myself of a vac at the car wash 2 years ago when I ran low on Goddard Caddis patterns back home . . . saved messing up my niece's retirement home, I didn't have to vacuum, gave me an excuse to hose-down the Jeep, and cooled me off in the process. Remember, where there's a will, there's relatives, I mean, there's a way . . . :D

  2. My fingers are my least favorite material to tie with, but I'm stuck with them I guess.
  3. Marrying single goose and turkey fibers in married wings!!
  4. iagree

    Winner! LOL!!
  5. GP Tail.
  6. GP tippet for tails and any married wing material other than Goose to Goose.
  7. Man I cant believe all the haters of marabough and deer hair.....those two are my favorite to work with. However my least would probley be dubbing......cant properly twist it onto my thread.
  8. I can never get rubber legs to go the direction I want them.
  9. Krystal Flash...

    When you try and spin it then palmer it on. Also, I swear each strand is a different length straight out of the bag.

    Also Filaplume breaks every two seconds.
  10. Oh yeah, I second that.

    I'm only 23 and can't see them...Not to mention my gorilla hands.
  11. Tied some 24s years ago for a guy from New York. Kept a few for myself & fished the Upper Big Hole River with them one evening. Grayling would come up every time. Finally hooked one & when my buddy asked "How did you figure that out? I replied, "Waited until he passed it & hooked him in the butt . . . "
  12. Least favorite materials are:

    Like others have mentioned, deer hair on spun deer hair flies. I like the spinning and trimming but not the mess.

    Any body material that is slippery and does not adhere to the hook or itself like stands of krystal flash or floss. The body of these flies are lumpy and uneven.

    Peacock herl that breaks easy.

    Bad beer.

    Dr Bob :beer2:
  13. I know you didn't ask...but try this...

    Wrap some thread down the shank of the hook (get it anchored). Get a long, single piece of rubber. Use the longest length you can.

    Fold the rubber over the hook and pull down (so half is on one side and half is on the other and you have the ends pinched between your thumb and finger of one hand. The rubber should make a 90 degree angle with the hook.

    Pull down so the rubber is good and tight. Now with the free hand wrap thread over the rubber. More wraps will give a rearward angle, less more lateral. Either way, when it is sitting the way you like, simply cut the rubber to length (pinching with thumb and fingers the whole time). You get well attached, very springy and symmetrical (mostly) legs.
  14. dubbing with camel hair. for me seal is no fun either. mike w
  15. Thanks, I'll give it a shot! Need to tie some steelie nymphs soon :)
  16. For those of you with dubbing problems, you may want to try using a dubbing loop. Dubbing any material went from being a huge pain, to super easy after about 5 minutes of reading.

    I dont even use a dubbing loop tool. Instead I have a 9/0 hook (from halibut season) that I use to spin it up and hold tension.
  17. Anything in the key of F flat. i just cant seem to hit it.:hmmm:
  18. mallard flank. i hate goin through a bag prepping feathers for knudson spiders
  19. hands down, it's gotta be DEER HAIR, gets everywhere, can't seem to get it to flair correctly and I can't shape it at all. Plus I am slightly allergic to it, makes my eyes all itchy and watery.:beathead:
  20. Lite Brite dupping, difficult to control stuff


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