What is your Vise?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by smallieFanatic, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Tod Fossetta Sorry, I'm not set up for that.

    Dyna King Trekker, love it.
  2. Pete Langevin Member

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    started out with a cheapie.. got a thompson 360 nice..but i kept wearing out pins on the lever. got a regal (still have ) had a norvise.. sold it. wish i never did.. trying to buy another. found one with reg and sw jaws. and bobbins and travel case. scratching up cash to buy it now. probably will be last vise. want midge jaws too if i get it..

    any advice.?
  3. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Primary - Renzetti 4000
    Travel & staging - Price
  4. Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

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    I have a thompson, Regal and a Nor. I think Ill stick with the Nor, I have used it a lot this year and am really happy with it. This week I picked up the Fine point and the tube fly conversions for it. The fine point is great!
  5. NomDeTrout Fly Guy Eat Pie

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    I'll second the fine point. My gf got me a Nor Vise this past christmas and before that I had bought a cheapo vise which seemed to work fine.
    Well, even after getting the Nor Vise, I actually ended up using the cheapo vise more because I couldn't quite get used to the in-line jaw that the NorVise comes with.

    I just got the fine point...and what a difference in makes! I won't be looking back from here. Nor Vise is great
  6. knotnot New Member

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    I have a Regal and a couple knockoff copies and 2 sunrise.

  7. Orange_Caddis New Member

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    I use three vises. For about 10 years, a Renzetti Traveler. For the past 6 months, Nor-Vise. And for traveling, a Dyna-King Kingfisher.

  8. docspratley New Member

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    I use a vosseler most of the time. I also have a Renzetti Traveler and 2 old Thompaons. I have both the heads for the Vosseler. Use the Renezetti when I put on demos.
  9. Duane J Member

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    I have two Regals and I don't agree. Original jaws were fragil/brittle, easily broken. Life time guarantee got me a nasty letter alleging that it was all my fault. After explaining I wanted to tie midge size flies I was directed to buy midge jaws. I did, but rather than recieve jaws that could be swapped with "regular" jaws I recieved an C-clamp regal with midge vise attached. I soon found out the "midge" set-up was not in any way interchangeable with my original regal. Fly shop (Puger sound) said I had to deal directly with regal. That was more than five years ago and I have yet to hear fron regal engineers . I have a Price an thoughht I was upgrading when I bought Regal....Not the first mistake I've made.Duane J
  10. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    Renzetti Traveler (bought when I was 12)
    Renzetti Presentation 2000 (someone gave me last year)
    Nor Vice (got for christmas)
  11. Loopy Member

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  12. Michael Nelson Old And In The Way

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    I have a Dyna-King Kingfisher and a Barracuda. Like 'em both!
  13. Keith Hixson Active Member

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    When I first started tying flies a friend made a vise. He was a welder and machinist. Used it since 1974. Tied thousands of flies on it. It works very well, is a little slow and doesn't rotate but it works for me. I can tie as small as a size 20 and as large as a size 4 steelhead fly. It works for me and I'm too tight to spend money on a different vise.
  14. Rob Ast Active Member

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    I use a Peak and have both optional jaws (midge and saltwater). It is very sturdily made and usually works quite well. Sometimes it just won't hold a particular hook tightly, and often needs slight adjusting between flies even when tying on hooks from the same package .
  15. sheetfly Member

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    Thompson model A
  16. Nick Biederman Member

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    Griffin Montana spl. or somthin like that.
  17. ibookje Member

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    Dynaking Professional
  18. tlbradford New Member

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    Me too.
  19. Dr Bob Member

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    Beer, donuts and flyfishing! :rofl:

    Oh, you mean fly tying vise!!! A Norvise, same as Mumbles. Also, since I tye some flies for Old Man, put him down as a Norvise cause his flies are tyed on it too.

    Dr Bob :beer1:
  20. GordonCasada New Member

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    You can't mess with the classics, I use a my dad's Thompson A vice that is over 50 years old and love it. It is functional, and every time I use it brings feeling of nostalgia .