what kind of flies to walleye like ?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by cutthroat kid, Feb 14, 2013.

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    The sex dungeon is one awesome fly!!
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    Over the years I've caught alot of nice walleyes with spinning gear on simple 1/4 to 5/8 oz. marabou jigs
    usually 2 to 2 1/2" in length. With a reasonably stiff rod I would cast out, let it settle to the bottom, and
    twitch the rod upward to hop the jig over structure, reel up the slack and repeat trying varying speeds of
    retrieve beginning with painfully slow. If I was using fly gear I would try to imitate that same action. Not sure where you may fish but structure is important, gravel bars , points, shelves, sloping banks, windward side, etc. Being nocturnal feeders look for them in shallower areas during low light. Some jigs have a sled like
    lead head which seem to reduce hang ups. I haven't tied anything with fish skulls/sculpin heads yet but wonder if you couldn't use them upside down on a jig style hook for the same effect with less hang ups.
    All being said, I have caught them on chironomids when they were in Sprague and once caught a 4or 5 #
    walleye on a pink scud on the Missouri.
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    Match the hatch says to use 4-5 inch long flies for the crayfish imitations and 2-5 inch long yellow perch flies. Length is determined by what time of summer one is fishing. I'd give up on the 7-12 inch flies as it's not the predominate feed.
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    Nice TJ!
    The top two feet? That would be cool! Sounds like you got them when they were in spawn mode.
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    Nice Eric, sounds like you've been at them before.
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    walleye on a hares ear.JPG wally on a H.E..jpg
    I've never targeted walleye but caught a few on princes and hare's ears when fly fishing for trout in reservoirs.
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    Just saw this thread, thought I'd ad my $.02...

    I used to target walleye quite a bit back when I lived in PA. You could always find them rather shallow, following the bait, early in the spring. Usually when water temps hit 45 you could consistently find them on hard bottomed flats, or any area with a darker substrate that would warm up faster than the surrounding water.

    I had my best bets on all-white half-and-halfs, yellow/chartreuse clousers, and big, all-white zonkers. I always did better with less flash than a real flashy, or all-tinsel/flashabou pattern. Here's a pic of a typical big spring spawner. Best eating FW fish as far as I'm concerned...


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