what kinds of lines do people use for chums from the beach ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by cutthroat kid, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. I have an 8 wieght rod and several sparsley tied chartruse flies.

    what kind of line should i use for fishing for staging chums from the beach and what type of leader and tippet setups do people reccommend ?

    I have some 20 lb tippet right now, will that suffice ?

    I am open to suggestions
  2. Yeah man, straight 20 is probs more than enough. They aren't that leader shy I find. I use a floating outbound with a tip of T-whatever-you-want.
    Then again, what I use some people might cringe at- everyone has their own set ups!
  3. I wouldn't use 20 lb tippet for chums if your backing is 20 lb test also. You might want to break the chum off without the potential of losing the fly line. 10 or 12 lb test tippet is sufficient.
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  4. Most estuaries I frequent are fairly shallow and in general a slower retrieve is better for chum so a floater is usually my line of choice. As for leader I will use straight 15 lb maxima. Have fun!
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  5. Floating line spares flies and 12-15 lb leader material. Simple.
  6. cool I have 12 lb maxima tippet and lots of sparse chartruse flies lined up so looks like I am ready to go

    thanks for the advice
  7. Floater of slow intermediate in the salt.
    I like to use 12 lb test since you will occasionally foul hook one and it easier to point the rod at them and snap then off.
  8. I wouldn't use anything over 15 too hard to break off and anything higher I don't think allows your fly to swim realistically
  9. A floating line is great because your retrieve will need to be very slow. Use 12 pound tippet because it is strong enough to put some heat on the fish but still peel out when a fish runs.
  10. When you guys say sparse flies are you just talking about sparse clousers? Or even smaller patterns?
  11. Google Chum Candy to get an idea of sparse chum flies. Though lots of chums fall to chartreuse flies, I've had equal or better luck in the salt using black, purple or cerise colored flies.
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  12. This place rules. Thanks Stone.
  13. wire
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  14. Go to the gallery. Look for chum fly swaps. You'll see many examples.
  15. I use both a floater and clear intermediate. Primary line is the floater with a slightly weighted fly to get some vertical gig action, but I've found the clear intermediate with an unweighted fly can be the ticket when I'm not having luck with the floater. Not sure if it’s a line shadow thing or what, but it's a nice change up from the floater.
  16. I really wish they'd start making clear floating lines in the popular integrated shooting head lines! I'd buy a couple today if they did!
  17. What size flies are you guys throwing? I've never beach fished for chums before.
  18. I throw size 2, 4, and 6
  19. Thanks man

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