What Line to use for a Switch Rod

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by synister370, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. synister370

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    So Ohio Outdoorsman has just finished my 6 wt switch rod.


    what the heck line shoud i get for this???

    beulah is offering this line for these switch rod


    lil pricey for my taste but ill need a good line for this new rod..

    the rod black is rated for an overhead line....

    so maybe a a steelhead, nymph, or long-belly taper overhead line or a shortbellied spey line like a rio windcutter???

    what do you guys think??? new to all this...
  2. Sloan Craven

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  3. BDD

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    For nymphing, the new Sage Indicator lines rock on their Z-Axis rods. Absolutely love 'em. Not sure how they'd do with you rod though.
  4. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    humm i dunno....
  5. Red Shed

    Red Shed "junkyard spey"

    An Airflo 9wt Forty + works very well on a Beulah 5/6 switcher.
  6. I built a Dan Craft 8 weight switcher last spring and have finally decided on a windcutter 7/8/9 with middle section removed. Have fished it a couple times now and it does great with both overhead and spey casts. You could also try a DT line rated a bit heavier for the rod...
  7. fredaevans

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    Before you go out and drop dimes all over the counter, try your 'regular' fly lines. I've found (many cases) the shorter 'switch rods' really don't need a spey length head. A weight forward line maybe, but not much beyond that.
  8. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    good idea...

    i was up till about midnight lastnight reading all over and come to the conclusion that i like poppys idea...

    why i dont have a clue ha but if i was gonna ask anyone for advice id have to think he would know

    so i may end up giving that a try..poppy sent you a pm
  9. Philster

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    After a recommendation from Ron at all about the fly to try the Mel Krieger head system from Teeny, I decided to give short heads a try on my switch. I had WAY too many older heads to buy new ones though, so I cut down some 11wt heads to 27 feet to match the weight of a 10 wt head, and use that on my 7/8 Beulah. I have to say, I get all the distance I want, a nice turnover though on a floater the 40 foot lines fly much more prettily, most importantly, the short head length is much more versatile off steep beaches.

    I would heartily recommend the Krieger head system ( I did cast it and it is smoother than my homebrew), or if you are up to your eyeballs in 9wt shooting heads, cut one down to around 27 feet, and try one on your six. Just another option.
  10. easymends

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    Elixir from Beulah, worth the dough!
  11. g_smolt

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    Why don't you call the manufacturer to get a working grain window?

    That would probably help you decide which line to use, rather than folks just naming off random line/rod combinations...

    IHMO, and YMMV,
  12. flybill

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    Here's a starting point, but it doesn't look like they list a grain window for these rods.


    Plus there are many out here, including Ron at All About the Fly and Poppy who can give you much more specific info than any chart could. I'll be curious to see how the rod casts, since I'm leaning more towards a Buelah blank myself. I have two Rainshadow (Batson) spey rods and love the way they cast though!

    Good luck!
  13. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    poppy is the man the line he suggested he is gonna send me to try out...

    great guy
  14. chew-

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    Poppy has the new SA Skagit Singlehand lines that are intended for switch rods, and singlehand (obviously).

    Thinking of building one of these in an 8 wt., and leaning towards these heads for lining it up.
  15. OhioOutdoorsman

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    It overhead cast with a 6wt Rio Grand well when I was testing it out. I'd guess you'd want something in the 175-200 range for overhead casting and the 300-350 range for spey casting. But I could be off.
  16. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson Active Member

    I agree totally!!
  17. synister370

    synister370 New Member

    poppy just sent me the airflo line to try out...

    from poppy

    Most 5/6 switch rods spey cast well with a line 2 to 3 sizes bigger. The 6wt rating is a single hand rating. If you load that rod with a 6wt line it may overhead cast alright but won't spey cast.
    Try the line. If it doesn't load the rod like you want just send it back. After you try it you should have more of an idea what you need. If you are worried about overloading the rod just start with a short amount of line. Keep working with more line until you find the sweet spot.

    i got 4 inchs of snow coming in the morning hopefully i can tie it on the reel and head to the football field next to me and see how it casts

    i hate it that i was planning on heading to the tribs of lake eire for steel but im hear ice and possibilty of being frozen by the weekend...

    but i cant say enough of the customer services from poppy...sent me the line free just to try out and see if i like it.....if i dont send it back if i do he offered it to me at a good discount..