What Lines Have You Been Fishing?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelie Mike, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. AndreasJ Member

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    Are you having trouble finding the MMD and Ace Slide Spey lines mike? If you do, I can probably buy them here in Sweden and send them over to you
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  2. Wadecalvin Member

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    I made a "Scandi Versitip" out of a 510grain Rage head. I chopped it back to .080, 20' @ 400 grains for touch and go casting with tips. Godshall made a 17' floating tip made for me so for dry line work its 37' @525 grains and flies very nice. My intention was to use the 17' tip on a compact skagit and it casted amazing but still had the clunky skagit feel. I like the way the Rage flies so much I thought I would chop it and still be able to ad the tip back. I use skagity type heads just about everytime I fish in the summer because of the wind.
  3. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    I've been fishing the NextCast Winter Authority 45 because I can switch form an clear intermediate to floater as need be. It's about the greatest year round line I own.

    One item of note, the Rio MOW tips make fishing a Skagit Head possible all year round and the floating MOW tip makes fishing weighted flies or a bulky surface fly on a 10+ foot leader in some narrow spots about as easy as easy can be.
  4. golfman65 Guest

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    13' 5 sided..3 peice, two tips.. bb 020.jpg
  5. Zeb Stadler Member

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    man, thats my next stick. what do you think of it?
  6. golfman65 Guest

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    I would personally go with the 12' or 12'6 as it's a lighter rod ...other then that...it casts like a dream...nice loops..distance no problem..the feel is like nothing else...amazing and way fun when you hook a fish...you feel like there is no way it's going to get off..
  7. zenzless Experienced Enthusiast

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    This season I picked up a Beulah 5 wt. Platinum switch and use a 6wt. Ambush Triangle Taper for Redsides w/10 ft. poly tips or tapered leader. Big fan of this set up for versatility and no need for backcast! The poly does make a much better anchor.

    Smaller summers get to see the 5wt. Meiser, Highlander S with the supplied Skandit using the Scandi w/poly leaders and later just use the Skagit head w/zink tips. I find it sort of interesting that they add weight to create the Scandi conversion but it needs the taper and the short head can handle the heavier (relative) tips. It casts well - of course they know what they are doing!

    Bigger water/fish will see TR 7130 w/540g Skagit in cold water but I have to sort out a floating line for it. I guess that's why I am looking at this post! I prefer the Scandi style/feel. The Rage looks interesting for open space and wind. Obviously I'm not a long or even medium belly line guy. I could learn something new.

    Woo Hoo, first ever post in the Spey Clave and first post in about a year!

    Dang, that picture above causes Steel & 'boo fever!
  8. johnnyd Member

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    I've mostly been fishing a 385 gr steel head scandi with an intermediate poly leader. Until yesterday when I used my new 5/6 Nextcast Fall Favorite 45 shooting head for the first time and managed to hook a few fish with a hand tied leader I don't think I will be fishing any thing else any time soon.
  9. fredaevans Active Member

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    Steve Gotshall's custom cuts (Medford, OR). May well be repeating myself here but if you buy a custom rod from either Bob Mieser or Gary Anderson you'll be 'offered' one. Jump on it.

    All two hander (and probably 1 handers too) have a grain range that will 'work,' but how do you want the rod to work? That's where Steve' at his best; he's actually run most rods through his 'formula' and the builder labels it as a '6.' Steve finds that it's really a 5.7, or a 6.5, or a 'pick a real number.' Now he has a real grain range and just needs to know how YOU are going to fish the rod, kind of water, type of fish, etc.

    Have a new line in the mail to me now as I wanted a 4wt for my Meiser12'6" - 3/4/5. "30 foot @ 330 grains for Poly Leaders." (Range on this rod is 250 to 400, and that's one hell of a spread for this light of a rod imho.) Steve will build these as just a 'head' or a whole line, you're call.

    Oh, one other trick is he'll build you a running line and put a different colour below the head a few inches longer than the rod. Strip in, the colour change hits the top of the cork and you're dead on for the next cast. (Yes, if he doesn't know the norm for the rod, he'll have you measure same.) None of this peering up at the rod tip BS.

    Won't cost you a penny more than something off the shelf.
  10. sashjo Member

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    I wondered why Steve needed to know what rod I was ordering the running line for. I was using a home made Spey swivel so I never notice the color change line up with the cork.
  11. fredaevans Active Member

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    Each of Steve's lines are 'custom built' with a specific rod/application in mind. He'll also factor in the casters style, type of fish and fishing conditions. As an example I have a 12' 6"Meiser 3-4-5 that presently lined as a 3wt (26' foot head at 280 grains) that I want to 'up-line' to a 4wt. New heads in the mail is 30 feet and 330 grains. That's all it takes to change the rod from one 'weight' to 'another.'

    For context, rods used as a 3wt for trout fishing, as a 4 for low water summer run steelhead. Sounds pretty light, but you can really lean into a fish even with this light a rod.
  12. Red Shed "junkyard spey"

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    Delta 8/9 multitip
  13. Klickrolf Active Member

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    Delta 9/10 multi-tip
  14. Derek Day Rockyday

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    I dug out my old 7/8 midspey multi and have been fishing that all summer.
  15. Big Tuna Member

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    Trying to line my Burkie 7127 and have been messing w/ a Godshall modified Vector head and a next cast WA 45 5/6
  16. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    Since salmons season is starting to pick up I've been fishing Mono and other dirty things.
  17. Darthmonkey Active Member

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    Steelhead Scandi 435 on a 5/6/7 Highlander C.