What makes a good spey rod?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by BDD, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Rich I thought you were right on!The reason for a thread like this is to educate us all.Sometimes we forget a point or we think about things in a different way that may lead us down a path with amuch narrower view.I think agood rod is all of these things and more.For me because I cast and teach a lot of different styles and different types of lines,I like a rod that is very versitle so I can use it for every thing.Some very good rods out there do one thing very well but are only so so with others.If a persons style of line and casting match them then it's a good one.Another point that matters to me is fit and finish and cosmetics.If I am going to pay big money for a rod I want it to look like it is worth the money and feels comfortable to me.If we put all of these things together we not only have a good rod we have an exceptional rod.
    Kevin about 15 words per min.
    Thanks MBKinney
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    I've been on this same quest for the last month or so. After a few general posts, some pm's to knowledgeable people like Fred, and a lot of reading, I called Bob Meiser. I would have to say my experience w/ him was excellent. He spent 30-45 minutes talking to me. I told him what I was looking for and he asked some other questions that I hadn't thought of. He didn't treat me like a dork and was patient w/ my ignorance. He knows his rods intimately, so it was an informative conversation. One of my major criteria was a rod that a relative neophyte could handle, but one that I could also grow into as my spey skills develop...that "one" rod, as if it actually exists:) Though I don't talk "spey-speak," we were able to overcome the language barrier. The end result is that I'll be buying a rod rod from Bob and it's looking like it will be the 13'6" 7/8 MKS. Sorry Fred, I like your intitials also, but it sounded like this rod was a better fit:) Good luck. The search is half the fun.


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